Aaron Rodgers did exactly the right thing

Everyone should follow his example. He did the right thing for himself, for his teammates and for society.

I wanted to thank Aaron Rodgers for doing the right thing. For himself. For his teammates. For society.

Rodgers got COVID, treated it early with a cocktail of drugs, and now he has full recovered immunity.

Unlike his vaccinated teammates, Rodgers:

  1. Is highly unlikely to get hospitalized or die (many studies show the superior protection afforded to those who recover)

  2. Cannot transmit any future infections to his teammates (see evidence revealed by the CDC)

So Aaron set an example for his team and for society on the right thing to do. And he also benefitted himself too.

Win-win-win compared to the vaccine solution.

And he actually took less risk in the process (since the vaccines are way more risky than having COVID and treating it early)!

My only suggestion for others (from one of the commenters) is to say "I didn't want to end up like all those soccer players, dead on the field" - and say nothing else. Then the press couldn't quote him without highlighting one big danger of the vaccines.

Today, he’s better off in every respect than any of his teammates.

Thank you Aaron. I hope others follow your example.