Hello Michael:

You do not need to reply. I know what busy is.

Just a few thoughts and questions....all given in sincerity. "A soul is made up of words, language if you will." In all kindness, I find it amazing that you believe this. It is so abstract.

The quotation you give of John 1:1 is a Trinitarian translation of the Greek. Simply substitute other beings and you will see. For example, In the beginning was Isaac, and Isaac was with Abraham an Isaac was Abraham.

"God is language, word, thought." Really? Is that all he is?

I hope your health improves.


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Fortuitus, 42 or 54, its tea time for the soul.

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Outstanding speech by this UK politician! We need a similar one here in he US! The truth is still being suppressed. And the vax is STILL being pushed by the government! What a crime for humanity!

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"Google was able to find just ONE story mentioning Bridgen. I’m serious! Everything else was 1 week old or older!"

Google? Well, what do you expect?

Searching on Yandex.ru with the term 'stop the vaccines Bridgen' I got over 20 hits. All from alt.media sites of course, but at least they got through.

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Though this isn’t a welcome comment, but it is my belief that parliament had legally disempowered themselves.

It’s been confirmed by Katherine Watt’s work, that the federal government has written itself out of executive authority where it comes to national emergencies. Sounds insane & it is. Nevertheless it’s apparently true. Authority resides in the sole discretion of the Health and Human Services secretary.

Why would it be different in UK?

What perfect distraction for the public to pound their MPs mailboxes while the only place that cannot make any difference is parliament.

I’m not legally trained & as far as I know, nobody has swept the statute book, going back several decades. That’s what it’ll probably take to learn where things stand in UK.

The absence of MPs probably reflects party HQ guidance to members. They might have been instructed to attend other events rather than explicitly been warned off attending the well publicized event.

What’s additionally utterly shameful is the behaviour of the “Fourth Estate”, the press.

Evidently the subsidies recurved have been adequate to seal the lips of almost every journalist in UK. A couple on GB News is pretty much it.

It’s made much more frightening, I feel, when you realise that pretty much the same script is being followed in almost every country.

Ask yourself with what kind of authority is this consistent?

Best wishes


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I'm wondering when the spineless bastids in Congress here will get a clue and do the same.

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One person at a time

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Thank you for this information. It is very informative and well researched. And as always I thank you for your persistence in letting us know the recent information re vaccinations. Surely people must becoming aware of the problems. In Australia so many people just go with the flow and believe everything the media tells them. Don't give up you are our hope that things will change.

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Be not deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man something, that shall he also reap.

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Absolutely incredible they all walked out on his speech. Admission of guilt, that's what it is. The blood is truly on their hands.

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It just goes to show what SHIT all the Worlds Politicians are, they Sacrifice Millions for the New World Order...!!! THE VACCINES DO NOT WORK..!!!!!!!

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About time.

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Which reveals how many congressmen and women are backed by BIG PHARMA!! The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil!

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The British elite and government are something else, I tell you. The more I read about them the more I'm not surprised AT ALL.

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Dear God, please stop all mRNA death shots

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Those MPS who ran out as MP Andrew Bridgen spoke are cowards and traitors.

In fact the NHS England has become a criminal organisation for enforcing all staff to get vaxxed and all patients as well without doing any due diligence so all nurses go around saying "I'm just following orders", just like the nazis did at the Nuremberg trials.

Really, injecting someone with a toxic substance that causes timed release and 5G triggered release of bio attacks* is not different from administering toxic poison/chemicals, or really slowly roasting someone over a fire, or shooting someone a few times.

These are major crimes that must not be dismissed as extremely rare side affects!

*(I have experienced over past 22 months from one astra-zen injection parasites july 2022, spike protein attacks causing hair loss Aug 2022, resurgence of past viruses (attacking heart/ligaments/inner ear) Feb 2021 but didn't discover until oct 2022, continuous swollen lymph glands on sides of neck and frequent cold sores plus herpes, increased low back pain, increasing low backmuscle/bladder weakness since feb 2021) many of these were time released along with massive 5G irradiation over certain Bank holiday weekends, i.e. anyone remember how littered with vomit the sidewalks were in some northwest towns (UK) in week before and after easter 2022? Heard from one nurse scads of kids/ parents sick with stomach flu overloaded A&E.

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