COVID vaccine debate topics

If anyone accepts our debate offer, there are a few things we'd love to talk about.

There is so much to talk about. Here’s a partial list.

I offered $1M up front to the members of the FDA and CDC outside committee to just sit down with me for a Q&A session. Nobody accepted. I guess they don’t want to talk about any of these issues. And don’t worry, the press will never ask them any of these questions!

Slide decks

  1. Vaccine essentials (source slides)

  2. Vaccine policies (source slides)

  3. All you need to know (source slides)

  4. 180 questions about the COVID vaccines that nobody wants to answer (slides PDF, slides source)

Vaccine safety

  1. We have 8 different ways showing the vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americans so far. How can all 8 methods be wrong? How come nobody took my $1M offer for finding an error in Crawford’s analysis? Do I need to increase the amount? After all, everyone knows it must be wrong so it’s an easy $1M for someone. We don’t get it.

  2. The CDC says nobody has died from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Surely, you can’t believe that, can you? Peter Schirmacher showed without a doubt that at least 30% to 40% of the deaths within 2 weeks after vaccination were caused by the vaccine. Someone is lying. Do you have an expert more qualified than Schirmacher who claims he’s wrong?

  3. Why were there 4X as many cardiac arrests in the treatment group than the placebo group in the clinical trial. The VAERS data shows very clearly a 450X increase in cardiac events post vaccine. Isn’t it possible that those deaths could have been caused by the vaccine? How was that possibility ruled out?

  4. Dr Toby Rogers found we’ll kill 117 kids for each kid we save from COVID. Is this acceptable? Did he get it wrong? How? What is the correct risk-benefit analysis that we should be using that shows this number?

  5. How come sports players are dying on the field at a rate 60 times higher than normal?

  6. The Pfizer data presented at the CDC meeting showed the VAERS data for myocarditis is at least 5X under-reported. How come the CDC hasn’t said anything? Doesn’t the new updated myocarditis rate then cause us to stop?

  7. Every physician we talk to says there are higher rates of everything post-vaccine than pre-vaccine. How is that possible?

  8. Can we see evidence that the rates of myocarditis is lower with COVID than the vaccine, e.g., from actual clinical practices? We’d love to see this data.

  9. What is the stopping condition for these vaccines? How many deaths are OK? Or does it even matter? So if we kill 10M people is that OK?

  10. Were you OK that the stopping condition was never defined for the vaccine? Is this the new way we do medicine now?

VAERS analysis

  1. VAERS analysis shows clearly that these vaccines kill more people than they save. Did we get it wrong?

  2. VAERS shows causality due to time proximity and dose dependency. Why won’t anyone from the CDC acknowledge this? We can satisfy all 5 Bradford-Hill critera. So we can prove the vaccines caused these injuries including death.

  3. If the CDC is telling the truth that there are no deaths from the vaccine, how do you explain the causality numbers in VAERS?

  4. We calculate a URF of 41 using the CDC methodology and the VAERS numbers. What is the correct number and how did we goof?

  5. How come there are more VAERS events reported this year than all 30 years combined? It isn’t overreporting since individual providers report exactly the same statistic, like 2000 cases this year and 0 in the last 11 years.

  6. Why are there over 4,000 adverse events in VAERS elevated by 10X or more over baseline?

  7. What was the cause of the deaths of the 14 kids the CDC analyzed? These were not “normal” deaths. So what “caused” them? Bleeding in the brain??? Why is this showing up this year yet no record of it in 30 years of VAERS history for that age range. Isn’t that a big suspicious?

  8. VAERS shows this is the deadliest vaccine in human history, even with a URF of 1. So why are we allowing it?

  9. Can we bust the CDC claim about causality? It’s time to put that one to bed, isn’t it?

  10. How come John Su isn’t defending himself against our allegations that he didn’t calculate the VAERS URF and nobody from the CDC will come to his defense either?


  1. How about that Harvard study? It shows the line is sloping the wrong way. How do you explain that? It seems pretty incriminating?

  2. How come the US has 150X times higher cases per capita than Uttar Pradesh which has just an 11% vaccination rate.

  3. If the vaccines are so effective than how can a New York hospital have a 90% admission of vaccinated patients in an area with a 50% vaccination rate?

  4. The Pfizer study shows 20 people who got the drug died vs. 14 who got the placebo. How can anyone conclude that the drug is the better option if you want to stay alive?

  5. Isn’t vaccine efficacy a statistical illusion?

  6. How come the PCR tests for the vaccinated and unvaccinted look the same?

FDA and CDC committees

  1. OK, so no NNTV or risk-benefit analysis showing VAERS deaths. Is this the new standard for risk-benefit analysis? Rate the risk-benefit analysis on a scale of 1 to 10 in quality.

  2. They said the rate of myocarditis is more for COVID than the vaccine. Sure, if you fudge the VAERS data with a URF of 1, you can show that. But come on, can you show me a single clinician that has stats like that? Are these people living on our planet?


  1. Why is Gavin Newsom not taking the $5M for giving us a blank piece of paper. Most sane people would take that offer in a heartbeat. Is he hiding something or is there a legit reason for the bizarre behavior?

  2. How about the case of Maddie de Garay? Isn’t that clinical trial fraud? The FDA head promised to investigate and did nothing? How come you aren’t holding them accountable? A permanent paralysis in the treatment group is something people should be aware of, isn’t it? Or is this the new norm in medicine?

  3. How about fraud in the Pfizer study. It’s a double blind study, yet there were 5X the exemptions in the treatment group than the placebo group. That was bigger than the effect size. How come nobody said anything?

  4. Jessica Rose’s paper on myocarditis showing it isn’t limited to kids was pulled by the publisher for no reason. Nobody complained. Is this the new norm that anything that goes against the narrative is censored? What did you do about it?


  1. Do you agree with the CDC (under FOIA from Aaron Siri) that recovered people cannot spread the virus. Therefore, those who are recovered should certainly be exempt

  2. Do you agree that people who recover from COVID and get it again won’t be hospitalized or die? Got a counterexample?

  3. Can we see the risk-benefit analysis showing mandates are a good idea? And how do you tradeoff risking my life for someone else’s life?

  4. If the vaccine works, why do we need mandates? If the vaccine don’t work, why do we need mandates?

  5. Do you agree with this? “COVID vaccine mandates are necessary because the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn't protect the protected.”


  1. Let’s chat about masking. Fauci said they were useless, then 1 month later, they are required. Did the laws of physics change in March 2020?

Early treatments

  1. Why aren’t we using early treatment protocols like Fareed and Tyson with a 99.76% reduction in hospitalization and 100% reduction in death?

  2. Why is NIH ignoring fluvoxamine? Are we about saving lives or enriching the drug companies? Why isn’t anyone in the medical community speaking out? Is science dead? Is this medical treatment dictated by the NIH?


  1. Newsom is mandating our kids get the vaccine, but his kids are unvaccinated. If it is safe for our kids, how come it isn’t safe for his kids?


  1. Why is the White House censoring critics rather than debating them?

  2. Did you speak out about the censorship of early treatment protocols?

  3. Were the techniques used against Mercola really necessary? What is the biggest piece of misinformation he has given? Let’s chat about whether it was correct or not.