Sounds like your ingestion of Sodium nitrate could have been an 'explosive' event? Hope it was fully resolved? Did you get it in a 'bacon sandwich'? Mick.

Today's Rant; The CDC has rendered itself redundant and complicit in hiding DEADLY medicines called 'VACCVINE'.

Co-conspirators are obviously Big Pharma manufacturers as well as FDA that aided and abetted the unwarranted Pfizer (et al) Applications for their Experimental Use Authorisation, which was invalid due to the proven existence of several other SAFE & EFFECTIVE medicines like IVERMECTIN, Hydroxychloroquine, etc,.

The World Health Organisation is now 'owned' by Bill Gates (Biggest benefactor = Influencer). The WHO is now corruptly manipulated for the benefit of the Elite - not for the wellbeing of humanity. Quite the opposite! It's now the Gates's marketing arm of his Vax profiting Empire!

Pfizer invented SADS in 2020. And in 2 years have made record profits from their vaccine CRIMES!

It's part of the WEF's = New World Order - 'Control', 'Depopulation by vax' and 'Slavery' program.

'LIABILITY' for Big Pharma is Common Sense - otherwise, it's plainly used as a 'LICENCE to KILL' by injection (called "Covid Vaccine") to achieve the WEF's 'New World Order' depopulation objectives.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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Good luck with your hip problem. Mines probably self inflicted 'cos I played competitive 'lower league' football up to three times each week until 60, which now seems to have been a mistake.

Each time our local hospital invites me in for a 'review', I discuss the plusses (there are many) and minuses (my belief that something could go wrong, leaving me less mobile than I currently am (90%?) I know it's a slim chance of experiencing a post op' problem, I am very active and need as much mobility and balance to enjoy the strenuous life I enjoy!

I'm 77 but still need to regularly climb on roofs and frequently use ladders. These activities are part of my need for maximum mobility.

Hope it works out OK for you Nico!

Mick. (Unjabbed and staying that way!)

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I'm confused by your discussion of excess Covid deaths being low in VAERS in 2020. For a report to be entered in VAERS there would need to be a vaccine associated with it so deaths attributed to Covid only would not be seen in the database. Am I missing something?

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Well done

You managed to trip him up.

But no doubt he will fall back on,well if its 95% effective, some vaxxed will still die from covid.

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Very entertaining I must say. Not sure that Drew Comments is a credible person to debate or he just likes the center stage. I do think he would be a great rapper.... but that's about it.

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Hi Steve,

I was just thinking if Drew ever contacts you you should set up a debate with him and Jessica Rose. I'd pay money to watch that one. Just a thought.

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I believe in the 100 monkey effect if you voted no impossible you are part of the problem you construct your own reality Oh no the “weatherman”says it’s going to rain tomorrow you can bet it’s going to be raining for all the believers even if the sun is shining

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Steve Kirsch Legend 2022!!

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That's a great catch Steve. And it's quite the admission; he can't even walk it back.

Happy New Year to you and to all here!

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Exactly correct. Interesting times.

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Anecdotal evidence. The FLCCC dose of Ivermectin for Alpha version was found to be too low for the Delta version. It was increased and patients responded positively. I read a comment of someone forced to become a Tele-health doctor and she said that she had prescribed her Delta Covid patients the FLCCC Alpha dose and found they weren't responding to it. Consulting the FLCCC web site, she noticed the dose had been updated for Delta and changed her dosage as well. Her patients then responded positively to it. It didn't take a large scale study for either the FLCCC or the Tele-health doctor, to tell whether the drug was working for the patients.

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"Criteria" is plural and takes a plural verb. "Criteria are . . ." "Criterion" is singular and takes a singular verb. "The criterion is . . ." Steve, getting that right would increase your credibility. Thanks for the amazing work you do.

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This guy was not really worth debating, but it was good practice for when real debates happen. Keep stepping up to these guys and honing your skills. Good work Steve.

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Here is an article from MedPage. That this newsletter shills for establishment is to be expected. It is the comments that I always look at as they are restricted to medical professionals. Their comments strike fear in me as they are quite clear that those who dissent are kooks and surely should be locked up. "Should I Debate the Fringe? | MedPage Today "

Click https://www.medpagetoday.com/opinion/faustfiles/102374 for the full story:

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