Thank you for replying. I am so glad to hear your brother survived! I think I mentioned that my brother’s wife had taken the jab and he had not. He knew it was not safe. However, the last time I spoke to him, he was in the small town hospital and sounded great and expected to go home in a day or two. It was at that time that he told me the hospital doctor wanted to give him the jab. I reminded him that of how unsafe the jab was, but, I have no idea if he took this doctor’s advice or not. If he did, this might have been what sent him to the big hospital in a nearby large city and what may have ended his life. I have no idea if he was given Remdisivir or not, but I suspect that he was. I was never allowed to speak to him or go see him.

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None of the these early effective treatments had a chance. In order to approve the mRNA shots under Emergency use authorization, there had to be "no effective treatment" available. This is why they were suppressed. This is why so many had to needlessly suffer. They made their blood money.

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Is there such a thing called "long covid?" They just made up sh*** as they went.

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This is the same conclusion reached by every one of us who provided effective early treatment. No hospitalizations, no long-Covid. All my patients recovered quickly and completely.

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Dear Steve, what is your take on "Shedding" ? . I've looked around and asked some questions.

The answers are "Yes, shedding" is a thing. How to treat it? Same as Covid, Zelenko protocol. It also seems that we could remove the spike protein with a good detox...

Do you know of a serious study that has been undertaken? Is there a test?

As I doubt there is any response to my question, I've taken things into my own hands:

I'm half way into a two weeks water fast, and then will look continue to look after my immunity system.

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Steve what do you make of this impressive bolus/ intravascular idea?! Please do a deep dive 🧐 to rule out or study further.. lives are at stake! Thanks!


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Thanks. My daughter in law got hammered by Covid. I saw her charts and she was vitamin D deficient. For some reason the medical community doesn’t do enough to promote D. I was able to drive over to Tennessee and a compound lab sold me Ivermectin without a prescription. I’ve also changed my thinking about the sun and high noon. Thank you for your info!

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Naive question perhaps, but is "long Covid" even real, or just another name for vaccine injury? How could you tell the difference?

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Oct 30, 2022·edited Oct 30, 2022

My husband and I were prescribed the Prof Thomas Borody (in Australia) protocol (ivermectin, doxycyline and zinc) by a doctor friend in late 2019-early 2020 which we kept on hand for if and when we 'succumbed'. This was just prior to the TGA (our version of the FDA) banning ivermectin. We are in the so-called 'high risk' category, due to being over 70. We didn't need to use it until May, 2022 but as a result sailed through pretty easily. Since the very beginning we were using all the prophylactic treatments as well...Vits D & C, quercitin, NAC, zinc, etc.. Minor discomfort only. NO 'long covid' whatever that is!!

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I’m grateful for the few brave doctors out there that swore “to do no harm”.

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Dr. Zelenko showed this from his own patients back in 2020. He was ignored and his treatments either banned, condemned or "not recommended by the FDA, WHO, etc."

We have known how to treat ourselves for protection against colds and flu for many years and even after they banned HCQ and Ivermectin we still found many more protocols from AFLD at c19protocols.com

Chicken soup, lemon and honey drinks, etc. all help.

There was no Covid-19 virus, it was just a scam using a faulty PCR test ramped up to 45x to get false positives and get the bioweapons into people to kill them as part of their depopulation plans.

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Two faces we all should know. Dr. Marik. Dr. Fareed.

Dr. Fareed's (and Dr. Tyson) book, Overcoming The Covid Darkness is a thin book, easy read. Great book to suggest or give to your stubborn medical folk. Reason - many medical people got indoctrinated into the Lies via the HCQ shenanigans spring -summer 2020. Like a psychologist unravels the past, we need to help medical people do the same, unravel the maze of Lies. When did they first start believing there is no such thing as Treating Covid?

The book has another contributor, Mathew Crawford, an applied statistician. He explains the research used by the Drs in their treatments, another handy tool for your chats post the denier reading this book on their long lunch break. Or give it to them to read overnight. Do a "Kirsch" - bribe them, read this short book for a free dinner or lunch if they promise to give you feedback.

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Remember this?


And this is what they came up with in 2021--unfortunately remdesivir was one of the repurposed drugs, and the other two things mentioned, I'm not sure what became of them, but if they were used with remdesivir, it is not encouraging. Apparently the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was helping.


The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is sponsoring a major new antiviral drug development center that will be led by Scripps Research.

And from May 18 this year:


The center received an award in the amount of $67 million over 3 years, with potential renewal for two additional years, and will be known as the Center for Antiviral Medicines and Pandemic Preparedness (CAMPP). It will be one of nine NIAID-sponsored Antiviral Drug Discovery (AViDD) Centers for Pathogens of Pandemic Concern.

Now they've come up with a novel drug.


New drug has potential to turn COVID-19 virus against itself

Scripps Research team showed that a variation of an already FDA-approved therapeutic for neurological disease can block COVID-19 infection in animals.

September 29, 2022

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When you said, "If you got treated early, there was no long-haul," for some reason the phrase "trick or treat" came to mind. Some (way too few) patients actually get treated by their doctors. Most of them, unfortunately, are just getting tricked.

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