All I can say is: I hope you took this hyped experimental treatment to find out what its all about. There is NOTHING like a first hand experience...

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All I can say is: I hope you took that headshot yourself.

Nothing beats personal experience...

Like it or not, world will greatly depopulate in next few years as roughly 70% of sheeple fell for lies.

May the farce be with you. Time of reckoning is near.

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C'mon man, stop playing the argumentatum ad hominem game and just answer/rebut the specific claims being made.

Study the contents of the vials yourself & disprove Wagh's claims.

THAT'S what people really need to know, not who enrolled in which school or not.

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“Tom Cowan, Sam Bailey, Mark Bailey, Andrew Kaufman, Jon Rappoport, and others are all camera shy. They won’t even go on camera for 5 minutes with me. There’s a reason for that: they would be exposed as frauds in minutes.” Are these people still dodging you? I suggest Poornima was set up specifically to embarass these people but she’s a decoy.

Lengthy but comprehensive interview on no-virus:


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Wow just being a viewer to videos and articles in this area/arena I recently viewed a video with this lady. Quite a lot of, as I see it, relevant info BUT also some very odd findings. After a second view I collected a lot of relevant info that makes sens... BUT also a lot of info that was just irrelevant and perhaps even "out of bounds" One of the things I find "out of bounds" is the depopulation theory.... NOT that I find after all info "Vaccines are safe and effective" true BUT when when someone goes into the antenn, MAC et. al. it´s still in the future... we will sadly go there if we don´t oppose but with a small syringe and 0.5ml? It's hard to stuff the things in.... and the batteries..... So i´ll put this into the mixed BIN AND I made my conclusion before i found your post here....

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The body detoxes itself from TOXINS. I don't get sick because I don't drink, smoke, do drugs hardly take ANY Big Pharma drugs which are ALL toxic to the body because they are not a natural substance of the body. Why do you think there was a Flu and Cold season? That is until the fake plandemic of 2020 came along. The body detoxes itself cyclicly according to temperature changes. Here is a video of a 110-year-old man who states he's never been sick a day in his life. Now if there were so-called contagious viruses floating around wouldn't he get sick? www.excelwell.net/food

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i think this attack is an "ad personam argument", they do not want us to focus on the possibility that there is no new virus (please read the Mike Yeadon's comment on the substack post of Coppolino), and that the covid inoculations contains graphene, is not it suspect an attack so vehement? It is called "false counter information", Wagh's research coincides with those of other scientists but they concentrate only on their credentials. Eric Coppolino may be linked to CIA circles. Coppolino, former astrologer was removed from his previous jobs in 2018 after being charged with sexual harassment

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So if she is not a researcher, how is it possible that she contribute to all of these pubblications? (i asked the same to Mr. Coppolino) https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/Purnima-K-Wagh-32038035

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I wonder if Poornima Wagh is part of some intentional ploy to discredit the SARS-COV-2 virus skeptics. Kinda embarrasing for people to forward this woman's videos around and then have it shown that she's a fraud.

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Hello Steve, I hope you will read, if you haven’t yet, this neutrality seeking article by Rob Verkerk of the Alliance for Natural Health International and World Council for Health on the YES/NO VIRUSES challenge to all of us trying to stay free in the increasingly unfree world of Covid1984. Here it is:

ANH Feature: DOES THE VIRUS EXIST? A CRITICAL NEED FOR RESOLUTION By Rob Verkerk PhD, Founder, executive & scientific director, Alliance for Natural Health, International Co-chair, Health & Humanities Committee, World Council for Health, Date: 31 August 2022 Comments: 36

How polarisation of views on SARS-CoV-2 and ‘pathogenic viruses’ will divide and conquer the health freedom movement


Today, September 8, New Zealand time, I posted on the YES VIRUSES Odysee channel of Mark Kulacz, Housatonic.Live in response to his video:



my thoughts on arranging a structured, neutrally and capably facilitated, public video recorded debate between the NO VIRUSES and the YES VIRUSES groups. This was accepted and remains to date.

I then posted the same invitation to a recent video by Tom Cowan on the Divide et Impera Odysee channel: WHAT THE WORLD WOULD LOOK LIKE WITHOUT VIRUSES - TOM COWAN https://odysee.com/@notanotherbrick:f/What-The-World-Would-Look-Like-Without-Viruses--Webinar-from:b

which was accepted and remains to date.

I then posted this invitation on Sam Bailey’s Odysee channel video:



and it was DELETED TWICE, the first time after about an hour; the second immediately.

Here is what I posted on these 3 Odysee channels:

Hello Tom (and the other NO VIRUSES contenders such as Kaufmann, Bailey, et al.). I hope all of your group will work together to contact and meet your opposition group of YES VIRUSES (Kirsch, McCairn, Couey, Nass, Rose, Kulacz, Lyons-Weiler, Fleming, et al.) to agree to an online, public, recorded, structured, neutrally and capably facilitated, debate.

Here is recent video by YES, VIRUSES Mark Kulazcz that you can view and consider: EP 79.2: EXOSOMES, MRNA, AND VIRUSES - SO MUCH CONFUSION AND MISINFO TO UNPACK. Housatonic.Live, Mark Kulacz, Sept 7,2022


In the above video, 30:00>, I would like to draw your attention to what I consider the main issue of definitions and agreement upon prior to, or at least during, the proposed debate. Here is the comment I left on Mark’s above video that I hope you will consider:

“Yes, for me as a still only basically informed layperson trying to get objective data on this No Virus Vs Yes Virus topic among the childish diatribes being slung both ways rather than respectful debate, I think it is a “semantic battle”. I think we should follow Voltaire’s good advice: ‘If you wish to converse with me, define your terms.’ I hope you and Jonathan will make a list of these contentious ideas/terms/topics on NO/YES VIRUSES and then attempt to get agreement between both sides and then have a productive debate. Thomas Szasz : ‘In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined.’”

Here is a recent challenge from Steve Kirsch to your group:

“IF VIRUSES DON'T EXIST, THEN HOW CAN WE SEE THEM?” Steve Kirsch's newsletter, Aug2,2022


“Tom Cowan, Sam Bailey, Mark Bailey, Christine Massey, and all the other co-signers of their “Settling the virus debate” challenge are badly misinformed and refuse to being held accountable for their misinformation. The discussion is not with me; I have two friends (Kevin Mckernan and James Lyons-Weiler) that will show anyone watching a livestream who is telling you the truth. Cowan et al. can pick their FIVE strongest scientists to debate them. So 2 from our side and 5 from their side. If they want more, that’s fine with us (they will need all the help they can get). What could be more fair? But none of the virus deniers will agree to a public livestream discussion. They stopped responding to my emails as soon as I challenged them to defend their views on camera in a livestream. You can see some of the emails I’ve sent them below. We know they got previous emails since the contents show up in Sam’s latest video. They refuse to accept.”

If I can be of any help in making this much needed, reasonable and respectful debate to take place, please email Jack: responsiblyfree@protonmail.com

I hope these two groups will contact each other and arrange for this debate.

Thank you, Jack in New Zealand

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I watched her video in a link from The Expose. I was shocked with her claims of what her "team" found in the vaccines. "Not one biological element"!

Really? No mRNA, no fatty acids? These are easily detected organic molecules.

Is she hiding behind a vague defenition of "biological", perhaps defining it as a naturally occurring molecule. Our bodies are full of mRNA, but not one with pseudo-Uridine. Surely their team of experts can detect mRNA.

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Sep 8, 2022·edited Sep 8, 2022

Pro-vaxxer on a comment section for a CBC article on vaccines "Some of you trudumbs (translation dumb truckers) dont even think viruses exist."

So this is the problem. It doesn't matter if viruses exist. That can be sorted later. Right now the idea they do not exist is a bridge too far for all the blue pilled out there. We already have several bridge too fars.... eg when it flashes through a normies mind that the implication of what we say is 'the gov is malignant.... ' that right there is already too much, why we have to coax folk along by agreeing 'greed and incompetence' is behind this. And so on. You stick the idea that 'viruses don't exist' on top of that, and well there's a lost soul right there.

I repeat, it doesn't matter if they do or don't exist. Now is not the time. This is what needs to be relayed to these folk. Tell them to read Mattias Desmet and consider the overall goal, to wake the bluepilled. It seems that if they are logical..... they may agree? Now is not the time? And we are, fundamentally. allies? at least with most, any outright frauds excepted of course.

Our host is just wasting energy and helping create entrenched positions in my view. This will go nowhere helpful and serves no end I can see.

Sure if you have an actual plant or wingnut, but just flag them publicly, then bypass and move on (but if publicly calling fraud be extra careful you have proof, someone below said the name is spelt wrong?).

Spend the effort trying to get 'them' to consider that 'our' goal is to redpill folk, the 'no viruses' is going to hinder not help that v important goal....'

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I have one question for those who do not believe viruses exist: what is causing people to get flu-like symptoms when they think they have the flu? There is no denying that people get sick, but the question is what is causing that sickness.

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THERE ARE NO VIRUSES. And I don't really care about Wagh except she is right. She just confirmed what we knew already. Whether she's a just a fraud or not is a distraction, if you KNOW THE FACTS.

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Just because much of modern science is often sloppy and lazy, and in service of the government, does not mean Viruses don't exist at all.

The problem is in the process of Isolation of Nano particles that are Viri. Differential Centrifugation and Ultra filtration are ways to "Isolate" Viruses, some say they do not meet the year 1882 Postulates of Koch, as they may also contain contaminants, yet it is still possible to infect organisms with symptoms of a particular virus this way....

Some say it (Virus isolation/ Purification) cant be done properly:


Whilst others claim to be isolating Viruses with a high degree of Purity:


Flu Viruses have been Isolated long ago:


A novel way to purify bacteriophages ( a Virus that lives in Bacteria):


On Koch's Postulates:

" the pathogen must be found in every case of the disease and must account for its clinical and pathological features; the pathogen cannot be found in other disease states as a non-pathogen; and after isolation from diseased tissues and repeated passage in pure culture, the pathogen can induce the same disease in animal models.

Some contemporary reviewers added the additional caveat that the same pathogen must be re-isolated from the experimental host."


Koch's Postulates were developed around 1882, around the time Bacteria were discovered .

One must wonder if Koch himself actually isolated BACTERIA to the same standard some people want today as "Proof" (Zero foreign materials) back in 1882 with the technology he had available...I highly doubt Koch did NOT have Exosomes and Viruses or other foreign material in his "isolated / Purified" bacteria. He simply did not have modern equipment (Ex. Electron Microscope) to tell if he ever did 100% isolation.

Bacteria are Larger than Viruses. Viruses are about 1/4 to 1/100th the size of Bacteria . Yet we can observe images of Viruses that are not present in healthy /Unifected people, and thus it is REASONABLE to presume they can cause illness:

Electron Microscope images of Viruses:


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The Identity of the Virus: Health/ Science Institutions Worldwide “Have No Record” of SARS-COV-2 Isolation/Purification. Dr. Christine Massey, Dec. 2021.

US lawyer Dr Francis Boyle, who has drafted Bio-Warfare Regs. has evidence that Harvard U Chem. Dept. Dr. Charles Lieber & Oz. Health Dept aided Wuhan Labs in the project to create the bio-weapon spike protein, in which.. HIV codes are embedded. (Indian Scientists).

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