Gavin Newsom is lying about his vaccine injury and here's how I will prove it: my $5M offer

He's a hypocrite. Not only did he lie about his vaccine injury, but his kids aren't vaccinated either. He wants YOUR kids to be vaccinated, but he won't vaccinate his kids. Here's why...

November 20 update

  1. He has GBS, not Bell’s. GBS was my first guess, but after seeing him on stage recover so quickly, the best guess was Bell’s. But careful analysis of the video footage shows the damage wasn’t limited to his face. With GBS, it can go either way. Gavin is betting he gets lucky and it gets better rather than worse. If it gets better, he dodges a bullet.

November 18 update

  1. I’ve raised my offer to “name your price” in a private email to Jennifer Newsom. No response so far. Wow. Unlimited $ for a blank piece of paper? I’m impressed. We’d make the Guinness Book of World Records for highest price ever paid for a blank piece of paper!

  2. LA magazine runs article on how they were fooled and Gavin isn’t injured since Bell’s palsy takes weeks to develop. Wow. They are incredibly lame. Didn’t they even read my article before criticizing it? In my original article, I referenced Dr. Brady Smith. One call to Dr. Smith would have killed their argument instantly. Smith would have told them he had two patients who developed Bell’s within hours after the shot. I even linked to the doctor’s office phone. Proof once again, it is tough to find competent help in the fact checker department nowadays.

November 17 update

  1. I’ve raised my offer to $5M

Recently, I wrote a post about Gavin Newsom being vaccine injured. It got over 275K views, my most popular article to date.

As expected, Newsom denied it:

Naturally, PolitiFact,, and Newsweek immediately “fact checked” my article and deemed it to be false. Of course, none of them could explain why Newsom was a no-show at the UN Climate summit via Zoom. Not even for 5 minutes via Zoom!?! Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Not a very thorough fact check. And none of the organizations analyzed the before and after Newsom videos either by asking a prominent neurologist for their opinion. I guess it is hard to find competent help in the fact checking department nowadays.

Well, I just got confirmation I was right

Not only was Newsom himself vaccine injured and deliberately covered it up, but I found out that his kids aren’t vaccinated either. Want to know why? Because his wife is smart: she knows that vaccines are dangerous. She doesn’t want their kids to be vaccine injured. And two of them have already had COVID. Vaccinating them is dangerous, unnecessary, and could compromise the natural immunity that they now have. And she’s absolutely right! Good for her. Bravo!

But Gavin’s stance is horrible. He’s not just offering his advice on how you should care for your kids. The governor is dictating medical treatment for your kids based on what he believes. He’s forcing his opinion on your kids. But for his own kids? No way are they going to get vaccinated.

He said, “Public or private, they have to be vaccinated.”

I don’t have a problem with Gavin recommending vaccination. Everyone makes mistakes. But he has no right to force your child to do what he wants even if the vaccine was perfectly safe (which it isn’t). And it’s hypocritical to force you to vaccinate your kids when he won’t vaccinate his own kids.

Same is true for Bill Gates incidentally. Vaccines are all fine for your kids. Perfectly safe! But for his kids? No way! Check this out.

Did I miss the parent meeting where we all agreed to abdicate medical decisions for our kids and have Gavin make the call?

When was the meeting where we as parents all met and agreed, “We should all let Gavin Newsom decide what medical care our kids should have. He’ll make sure the treatments are not personalized to each of our kids: it will be one size fits all. Let’s have him dictate our child’s medical care, not us, not our doctor. Gavin’s our man. We trust him, not ourselves, to make the medical decisions for our kids.”

I must have missed that meeting. I would not have voted in favor of that.

The set of evidence is compelling enough for me to offer the bet

I now have 12 pieces of evidence from 7 different sources and they are all consistent with the hypothesis that he’s lying and inconsistent with his really lame “explanation.” I don’t want to get anyone in trouble or compromise my sources, so I’ll leave it at that. There are some datapoints that are already public however, but the best ones, the ones that basically caused me to pull the trigger on the bet, would get people in trouble if they were exposed and I want to keep my sources for another day. The public ones are much less trustable, but they are all consistent with my hypothesis. I put very little weight on any of these, but together, they were compelling enough for me to risk some money to definitively get Gavin to respond to a simple question:

  1. His kids were in school on Nov 1-3 during the climate meeting when he was supposed to be there. So what was his excuse for not attending by Zoom? It couldn’t be to be a good Dad since his kids weren’t home. So what was it? Why didn’t he explain it on Nov 1? Why do we still not know now? How come none of the fact checkers asked this question? Could it be the fact checkers are biased?!?

  2. COP26 ran for 2 weeks, not a few days. It was the last chance to save our planet. Gavin Newsom is a complete no show?! And with no reason?!!?

  3. Alex Jones reported his sources confirmed that his sources observed doctors were going in and out of his house during the period that Gavin was out of sight.

  4. Newsom didn’t take any meeting requiring him to speak or be seen during the injury period

  5. Top neurologist and dermatologists I asked were absolutely certain he had Bell’s palsy or GBS based on viewing before and after videos. You cannot fake the live videos. A good neurologist can spot the defects instantly because they know exactly what to look for.

  6. Botox and makeup can hide the damage. Drugs can cause him to recover faster.

  7. His wife tweeted out a narrative consistent with Gavin’s story, then had second thoughts, and removed the tweet. This tells me that Jennifer Newsom is a person of high integrity. She’s not going to lie for her husband and help deceive people that causes people to take an action that can result in the death of their child. I am even more impressed with her than I was before. She’s protecting her kids from the vaccine and now she’s not covering for him. Rarely do you see people with integrity like this in politics. Truly remarkable. She has my vote for US President. Gavin? No way.

  8. Gavin had his bad side away from the camera when he appeared, the lighting was poor, and the focus was bad, and the shots were long.

  9. We never saw him walk on camera during his first public appearance after the recovery period.

  10. At the Getty wedding, no photos were allowed other than from the official photographers. Only one photo showed Gavin. He was wearing mask in the distance. Other guests were unmasked (though some were).

  11. No word from him directly during the injury period on “where’s Gavin?” We only found out after it was all over. Come on.

  12. Multiple Twitter postings suggested Bell’s or GBS.

  13. Two lawyers said it was GBS based on their sources.

  14. Children’s Health Defense (CHD) talked to two different family members/people close to the family who confirmed vaccine injury.

  15. I have indirect confirmation from one of the doctors who treated him (direct would be a HIPAA violation and no such violation happened).

  16. When asked when he would “return to work” his spokespeople said it would be sometime in the coming week (when he did the California interview), but they didn’t specify an exact date. That’s consistent with waiting until his symptoms were undetectable which they knew was coming soon, but couldn’t pin an exact day (only project a trend).

  17. Too many questions raised in this article including, State Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Los Angeles), who is at the conference with the California delegation, told reporters, "There is nobody in California who wanted to be at this conference more than Gavin Newsom… But we are all human beings... Sometimes you need to stay home." He could have flown out right after trick or treating, and could have had a date night with his wife any time. As the the article wrote, “Newsom canceled a big conference plan to go to a soccer game and have a date night with his wife? And he's also refused to say himself what's going on?

  18. Clearly, I’m not the only one with suspicions here. Check out this meme page.

  19. I have more, but it would compromise sources.

I’m not buying any of this. And now I’m willing to risk losing $1M in order to smoke out the truth.

I’m not asking anyone to trust me. I’m only asking you to see how Gavin reacts to my offer

Several readers thought that I was asking them to believe my hypothesis. Not at all.

I’m just saying I’m so convinced by the evidence listed above, that I’m willing to wager $5M I’m right. It’s like a gambler at a card table; if you are willing to pay up, you get to see whether your opponent is bluffing or telling the truth.

So I’m basically a player at a virtual card table and I’m making a million dollar bet that Gavin is bluffing. If he’s telling the truth, he should call my bet because he knows he’ll win the bet. The only reason he wouldn’t call the bet is if he’s bluffing.

I don’t expect anyone to be convinced by my willingness to risk my funds.

What I do expect is for people to observe whether Gavin calls my bet.

If Gavin refuses the bet, it opens up the question, “Why would he refuse the bet? Who would turn down $1M for doing nothing?”

If he accepts the bet, then he’ll be exposed as a liar. I’m absolutely sure of that.

Here’s my irresistible offer to Gavin:

Gavin, I’m willing to bet you $5M that I’m right about you being vaccine injured and that you are lying about the injury and covering it up. If you’re telling us the truth, then you don’t have to give me anything more than a blank sheet of paper to collect the $5M.

Will you take my bet? All I need is for you to disclose the names of all medical doctors who were involved in any way in your vaccine injury diagnosis and/or treatment within 21 days of the booster (based on your knowledge and Dr. Mark Ghaly’s knowledge) and an irrevocable order from you authorizing and instructing that all of these doctors disclose to me any and all vaccine-related conversations, emails, notes, and/or medical records regarding you and your vaccine side effects in the 21 days after you got your booster and give me permission to disclose that information publicly. That’s it. Easy peasy.

If you were telling the truth, you have absolutely nothing to lose. You will provide me with a blank piece of paper since there were no doctors involved.

So you get $5M for doing nothing more than handing me a blank piece of paper. What could be better than that?

It’s a deal you can’t refuse, if you are telling the truth.

Gavin, accepting my bet will enhance your credibility (which has now been tarnished) and you’ll be $5M richer. If you like, I will donate the money to one of your favorite charities or use it to help the vaccine injured.

So if you are telling the truth, this is a no-lose proposition! A true no-brainer.

What do you say?

I say, “Let’s go Gavin.”


Gavin knows about my offer now. No response.

If Gavin ignores my offer, I will start billboard / newspaper/ online advertising.