Gavin Newsom was out of sight likely because he had Bell's palsy from his booster shot

They said he had personal issues to attend to... like half his face was paralyzed? Our best guess from all the evidence is vaccine-induced Bell's Palsy kept him from public view for almost 2 weeks.

Note: This story was updated from the original to reflect the latest info.

Update Nov 12

Randomly discovered the lame Newsweek “Fact Check” on the Newsom story. So I posted they got it wrong to my Twitter followers. Minutes later, one of my followers posted this comment replicated below which is yet an additional independent confirmation of what others reported (especially the doctor visits for a week). “He 100% did” refers to my Bell’s palsy hypothesis. This isn’t very hard by the way. Science is all about finding the hypothesis that best fits the facts. Mine fits it like a glove…every single piece of data fits. And if you read the comments on Newsweek’s fact check tweet, it looks like most people agree with me that the explanation is fishy. Someone is going to be in big trouble soon and it isn’t going to be me… Let’s go Gavin…

Update Nov 11
My article was “fact checked” by Monique Curet at PolitiFact.

As usual, they do a shoddy job of fact checking and her report was no exception. The goal is to defame me (which is why she links to a hit piece for my background and then uses a broken link to point to this article). In particular:

  1. She deliberately used the old original headline (GBS hypothesis) rather than the updated headline as I gathered more data

  2. She never gave us her “expert” opinion of the difference between the before/after videos. Nor did she ask a neurologist about the differences. This is key evidence that she just ignored analyzing.

  3. I offered to send her an email from someone who knows Newsom’s condition. I offered it under NDA to not disclose the source. She refused to see it.

  4. I told her the neurologist I used didn’t want her name used for fear of retribution, but that if she couldn’t see the clear difference herself, I would find a neurologist who would go on record. She never asked me for the neurologist who would go on record.

  5. I also suggested she choose a neurologist herself (instead of me sourcing it) and mention what her expert said. She didn’t do that either.

  6. I also said she should ask the Governor’s office why he didn’t appear at the Climate conference by zoom. She didn’t ask them that either. Just the usual softball questions.

  7. I said if she thought there was a hypothesis which better fits the facts (why there was no climate zoom call, clear left side facial droop and lack of frown lines on left side when he finally appeared), I’d be happy to update my article. She found no new evidence I wasn’t aware of that would change the best guess hypothesis.

Because the Governor’s office claimed there was nothing there, my article was rated “False.” She performed exactly as I expected from PolitiFact: refuse to investigate/validate the evidence offered with third-party experts and then launch into ad hominem attacks.

It’s been rumored that Gavin Newsom was out of sight for nearly 2 weeks since getting his booster on Oct 27 because he developed Bell’s palsy. This can happen within hours after getting his booster so this makes perfect sense since he disappeared shortly after the shot. This explains why nobody had seen him in public for nearly two weeks since he got the shot; anyone who saw him would instantly know.

On November 9, almost two weeks later, he appeared on a livestream at the California Economic Summit.

To the untrained eye, he looked “normal.” If you weren’t specifically looking for Bell’s palsy (and knew exactly what to look for), most people would think nothing had happened.

I had a neurologist look at the before/after pictures and video

I showed before/after videos to a neurologist who said “100%” he is recovering from Bell’s palsy due to lingering “telltale” signs. She had a dermatologist review as well who said the same thing. She said most people wouldn’t be able to tell, but this is her “bread and butter” so she knows exactly what to look for.

I expect a lot of people to be skeptical. If you don’t like my neurologist, please send the before and after video links above to your trusted neurologist and/or dermatologist and report in the comments on what they said.

Also, the explanation Gavin gave in the video (that he had a change of heart and wanted to spend Halloween with his kids) seems a bit odd since his press office said he was working in the Capitol, e.g., this NY Times article which says, “Last week Governor Newsom worked in the Capitol with staff”.

I have a good friend who is politically well connected who spoke with Newsom’s former staffers and they all thought it was a really weird explanation.

I never rely on any single datapoint, but all the datapoints I was aware of were consistent with a hypothesis of Bell’s palsy:

  1. Bell’s palsy is #11 on our “highest elevated symptom” analysis, elevated by 1,533X over baseline

  2. It’s common after Moderna (which is what he got) because Moderna has a large dose (see Brady Smith anecdote below),

  3. It resolves relatively quickly (especially if helped along with special techniques) so it would enable him to nearly “fully recover” in 2 weeks and do the event today.

  4. I know someone who would absolutely know for sure and my probe elicited a response consistent with Bell’s palsy.

  5. A good friend knows people who are very close to the Governor who confirmed he was vaccine injured.

  6. There is an article about it on the CHD website (archived here). I’ve found them to be a credible source.

  7. All the other things I’ve heard from multiple sources were all consistent with a Bell’s palsy diagnosis (emails with doctors, lawyers, and also looking a speculation on Twitter).

For example, Brady Smith, a dentist in Camas, Washington, had two patients (of 10,000) who got Moderna (not administered by him) and both developed Bell’s palsy within a few hours after the shot. In both cases, the paralysis largely resolved with two days. This can totally explain how Newsom was able appear in public with no traces. As long as none of his doctors talk, nobody will know he was vaccine injured. All he has to do now is come up with a lame excuse for why he dropped from sight for nearly two weeks with no explanation. Simple.

Here’s a discussion with a neurologist I know:

Am I 100% certain? No. This is just my personal educated guess as to the most likely explanation piecing together the information (both from public and private sources) that I’ve gathered. It is the hypothesis that best aligns with all the clues that out there.

This Fox News article says: “Newsom press secretary Daniel Lopez said the governor worked at the state Capitol last week and would begin making normal appearances again sometime this week, according to a statement provided to SFGATE.”

Wow. “Sometime this week???” That means they are on a “wait and see” schedule, again, consistent with Bell’s that is not fully resolved.

And Lopez had no explanation for why he’s dropped out of sight for nearly 2 weeks and cancelled his appearance at the UN Climate Summit on Nov 1-3? Wow. He was a complete no show. Why would he not just appear for 30 minutes on Zoom? Again, if his face didn’t work, it would explain it. We have no other explanation.

Lastly, critical thinkers would wonder, “With all the concerns, why didn’t he do a quick video on Twitter saying that he’s fine and dispel the rumors?” That’s what most people would have done.

He was completely off the grid (except for a brief appearance at a Getty wedding where his face was covered by a mask; the perfect cover to conceal Bell’s palsy). And there are no close up shots of him.

Alex Jones did some digging and found a story that is consistent with a vaccine injury: Newsom was isolated in his home with doctors going in and out.

The VAERS analysis

Albert Benavides (aka WelcomeTheEagle88) recently did a VAERS analysis for me looking at symptoms which are elevated by the vaccine versus a 5-year baseline rate (VAERS reports from 2015-2019).

Look at what popped up on #11 (the 11th highest elevated adverse event). You are 1,533 times more likely to get Bell’s Palsy after the COVID vaccines than any other vaccine.

NOTE: This screen shot is the “tip of the iceberg” as far as serious adverse events caused by the COVID vaccines. The full list is over 5,000 elevated adverse events.

Did the vaccine cause Bell’s Palsy for Newsom? He was perfectly fine before the shot and within hours after the shot he’s reported to be paralyzed. Could be bad luck. But come on.

Why doesn’t he just admit the truth, that he got Bell’s Palsy from the vaccine? Perhaps because:

  1. It would create vaccine hesitancy because it would be an admission that the vaccines aren’t safe like he claims

  2. It would make him look silly for mandating very dangerous vaccines in California.

  3. He doesn’t want to make the CDC look incompetent for never spotting the safety signal.

Newsom is still mandating that your kids get the vaccine. He’s even tweeting about it after being injured!

You can’t make this stuff up. Check out the tweet and the date. He’s acting like nothing happened to him:

Hundreds of previously healthy kids will suffer neurological damage just like he did as a result of his mandate. The best risk-benefit analysis I’ve seen projects that hundreds of kids will die from the vaccine.

Bell’s is one of over 5,000 adverse events that are elevated by these vaccine. More troubling is that the risk-benefit analysis for 5 to 11 I’ve seen shows we will kill 117 kids to maybe save 1 kid from COVID.

Governor Newsom and the CDC don’t seem to care about that; there’s not even a CDC category for vaccine deaths.

Over 120,000 Americans have suffered from Bell’s Palsy after vaccination (you take the incidence rate from the table and multiply by the minimum VAERS underreporting factor (URF) of 41 which is calculated here).

A neurologist I know has over 2,000 clients with vaccine injuries (out of 20,000 client base). The neurologist never had any events before now in his/her practice caused by the vaccine. This shows you it is the vaccine causing the events, not “over reporting” as is claimed by the FDA. While there could still be overreporting regardless, there is no evidence of this (I address this topic in detail in the VAERS analysis).

When will it end?

I hope soon. But nobody in America likes to admit they were wrong. Even after they’ve been injured.

Joel Kallman, the creator of the V-safe application, died shortly after his second shot. He never got a chance to tell people what he thought of the safety of the vaccine. They buried the story of course so nobody would know.


Here are some shots with the neurologists markings:


After (note his bad side is away from the camera and the focus is soft)

Amazing how botox can remove those wrinkles up top isn’t it? And the decreased nasolabial fold is a dead giveaway. Most people would never notice.


The easiest way to confirm this is to talk to a neurologist or dermatologist you trust and have her view the before/after videos.

All I am claiming in this article is the Bell’s palsy diagnosis is the best fit to the data. But you have a hypothesis that better fits the facts, let’s hear it in the comments below!

I had hoped that Newsom would learn from this and change his thinking. No such luck this time.