I think getting people together that are willing to share their testimonials of vaccine injury and those of loved ones that have been killed or terribly maimed, in a high-quality video discussion that can be readily distributed to the public, would go a long way to opening up peoples' eyes to this genocide.

Things like this resonate with regular folks. So do Billboards that directly charge the vaccine makers of harming kids and babies. It is time to Get in the Face of the Merchants of Death with high impact stories people can relate to and see every day in their life. Debate challenges with those with something to hide has limited effect.

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The value of "the record" has been washed out of society. Your view is refreshing and on target. Stay on it! And b/t/w, your selection of "Transcriber B" is Brilliant!

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Dec 30, 2022·edited Dec 30, 2022

Cube Cubis is closest observatoinal analysis delivered to date, barr none (imho). See his open letter to Mr. Kirsch here: https://cubecubis.substack.com/p/open-letter-to-steve-kirsch-you-will

thoughts for consideration -

Propaganda is communication that is primarily used to influence or persuade an audience to further an [our] agenda...to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is being presented. (excerpted portion lifted from wiki definition of 'propaganda').

The Intent of designed / implemented "propaganda" is distinctly separate from its "effect" - intent may be for good or evil and may be a good or ineffective design which in turn manifests as a properly or improperly implemented campaign.

These are separate "things" (elements) and should not be confused as one and the same parts that together make up the whole (the recipe). Ed Bernays had a "lock" on the elements of 'propaganda' -


Perhaps it would be a good idea to re-examine "debate" as our goal and look at the science of well intentioned communications (propaganda for a good reason) to move the middle emotionally instead of rationality as the essence or foundation of our mission.

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Dec 30, 2022·edited Dec 30, 2022

perhaps one way to move the middle would be to communicate our issues are their issues which means their issues must become our issues.

I ran some rough calculations on the $45B we are sending to Ukraine based on cost of a 1/2 kilo of bread Aug. 2022 Moscow - 22 rubles and compared that to u.s.d. cost of 1/2 kilo of bread at my neighborhood grocery store - not a supermarket, which is $3.38 (for 18 oz. prorated cost based on 1 lb loaf ($3) per oz cost x 18 oz /2 equalling approx. 1/2 kilo=1.70).

This tells us we just delivered the equivalent of 225B in arms (in u.s.d. terms based on ruble loaf of bread cost - i know, a big stretch) ...

So perhaps, spending the equivalent of 225B in arms can move the middle to see we are closer to WWIII than legacy media would have us believe, on theory that -

the movable middle may be more inclined to keep our money home than to give it away and risk war in europe, after which that awareness is adopted mainstay belief of the moveable middle, AT WHICH POINT, we then bring in the cost of covid era in real u.s.d. terms for 2 years as "our issues of cost are the same as your issues of cost" positioning...

perhaps we can get the movable middle attention by talking tax dollars going overseas And wasted here at home And the risk of war instead of asking the majority (moveable middle) to comprehend the science by way of public debate?

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Thanks for your hard and important efforts in defeating vaccine-centric propaganda, from Mr. Global's minions.

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Thank you all for your efforts and devotion for the truth! It means more than words can express! You are leaders to what I feel is a revolution of truth and consciousness!

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To P.M. I would add the following to the table top model: find out exactly what/which interest we both have in common. There is always at least one. That, for me, would be the first leg to work on.

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Thanks Stevanovich,

How can the Canadian population accept this arrogant nonsense crap from 'Pussy' Trudeau?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots!

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In terms of people like Drew and Dr. Gu, one must understand beliefs to change a mind.


A belief is like a "table top" sitting upon four "legs" (supporting references).

Knock out the person's strongest supporting references using arguments/facts/data that they *already* believe. Steve is very good at getting people to come to common ground and shared agreements. These are the new "legs" to install under the new belief.

Focus in on only their *four* strongest references (arguments), not on all of them. Just four.

Replace their four most substantial and incorrect/biased reference points (challenge them using their own currently-held beliefs/arguments) with four new, more accurate, factual, and unbiased reference points (new legs) that they already believe, and that will support the new belief.

Old/limiting/unhelpful/dangerous belief is thus replaced by the new, more useful and empowering one.

Again, important to remember, is that you are only challenging FOUR core or primary reference points they are holding. You don't have to challenge all of them. Don't even try.

1. Identify their FOUR core reference points supporting their belief.

2. Find "common ground" references that support the new belief ("table top") you wish to "upgrade" them to.

3. Use those "common ground" references to undermine the current "legs" supporting their incorrect or limited belief

4. Install the new "common ground" reference points under the new belief and continue to solidify it with more and more factual references.

This will help if applied.

Also, find out their primary motivators (i.e. popularity, fame, money, etc) and their greatest aversions/fears (loss of approval, loss of friends, loss of status, loss of money, being seen as "wrong" etc.) and you will be much more effective in using their own values to help them change their mind.

For instance, if Drew is all into himself (see his many selfies on Instagram), then he is likely interested in his own self-image above anything else (he seems to be a self-absorbed narcissist like Dr. Gu, IMO), which he values far more than an impartial and unbiased search for truth or a carefully following of the scientific method and keeping an open mind.

Anything that threatens his primary motivators (values) will shut him down. If changing his belief will threaten his values/motivators (i.e. his popularity, being right, being seen as "smart," being part of the "in" group, being accepted by his tribe (Democrats), etc.) then he will immediately reject it and change the subject.

Your approach towards such people must be to appeal to the person's primary motivators, which in Drew's case do not appear to be very philanthropic in nature at all.

Ask questions like "How can this person see themselves as becoming even more loved, popular, and seen as "very smart" and "a hero" by recognizing the truth of what Steve has been sharing."

Everyone is playing the "What's in it for me?" mantra in their head 24/7.

Steve is clearly motivated by love of family and others. He is not motivated by money or fame. That is 100% clear to me.

Drew appears motivated by love of self (ego) and his insatiable need to be liked by those around him (fellow Democrats locked into the Fauci narrative).

Totally different motivations. That gap must be bridged somehow.

Anyway, just a few thoughts and insights to keep in mind.

Thanks for all you do. So deeply appreciated.

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I agree with Dr. James A. Shannon, former director of the NIH:

"The only safe vaccine is the one that is never used."

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Overall, this seems like a good idea my concern is the "movable middle" may be infinitesimally small.

Both sides pro and antivax seem to be pretty dug in regarding their positions and unlikely to change their minds. For instance, my family members will continue to get injected even if they end up hospitalized with jab related side effects. To them covid is like a religion they will never quit. Conversely even at gunpoint I would never take a covid jab.

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Dear Steve, and everyone on your team, THANK YOU!! With great appreciation:

Dr. James Thorp on medical censorship

by Steve Kirsch, January 3, 2022


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: At about an hour-and-a-half into this interview, the interviewee, Dr. James Thorp, turns the tables and asks Steve Kirsch how he got started with his vaccine safety research and activism.



STEVE KIRSCH: [a reporter doing a fact-check said] "Steve, you disagree with all of medical science. All the doctors that I talk to, they all disagree with you." I said, Yeah, well, I'm looking at the data. And the data says that they're wrong. And she said, "Well, doesn't it seem to bother you that all these doctors are wrong and you think you're right? I mean, how can you justify your position?" I said, Look, that's what the data says. I mean, there's no doubt about what the data says. I trust what I see in the data. And these people are covering it up. And they're incompetent. And just because— I don't care if every physician in the world says that I'm wrong, it's not what the data says.

And science is supposed to be about, I mean, the definition of science is to have a hypothesis, and you can have a hypothesis that the vaccines are safe and effective, and you can have a hypothesis that the vaccines aren't safe and effective, and hey, look, it's just that all the data that I've seen is consistent with the hypothesis that these vaccines are a disaster. And so, that's why I'm taking the position, is because every single data point is consistent with the hypothesis that these vaccines shouldn't be used.

And she said, "No no, but the doctors say that they interpret the data the other way."

And I said, Well, they're wrong. [laughs]

DR. JAMES THORP: How did you get off on this, how did you get started in this? I mean, you're very knowledgable. Was it RFK?*

STEVE KIRSCH: No. It was a Twitter message. There was this woman who contacted me and she said, "Are the vaccines safe and effective?" And I said, of course they are! Haven't you been listening to the news? Tony Fauci's out there, he's an expert and he says that they're safe and effective. And all the doctors say it's safe and effective. And there're no deaths, and the CDC hasn't reported any deaths. And of course, this is in, I think it's in April [2021] that this conversation happens.

And so I'm totally drinking the Kool-aid. I've been double-vaxxed, my wife double-vaxxed. You know, and I knew about early treatment, but I said, hey, vaccines are safe and effective, so why not? You know? It's just another hedge against disease because hey, you don't want to come down with long haul covid and all this, and so why not? There's no downside to taking the vaccine. So I was a true believer.

And so this woman says, You know, is this true? I say, Of course it's true, the government says so, you've got to trust the government, the FDA is like, you know, they're super anal about these studies that have been—. Of course, I hadn't seen any of the work, right? I'm just doing it based on reputation. And so she says, and I said, Why are you asking me such a dumb question? And [laughs] I was maybe a little bit more polite. But then she says, "Well, three of my relatives died a week after getting the vaccine and they were perfectly healthy."

And I said, No, no, that's impossible.

And then she wrote back, "Yeah, but they're dead."

And so that kind of, that was like a shocking moment, right, because either she's messing with me— there are two possibilities here. Either she's lying or the CDC is lying, our government is lying. One of them is lying. They can't both be telling the truth.

So less than a week later, my carpet cleaner shows up at my front door. He's wearing a mask, and I said, Hey, what's with the mask? You know, haven't you been vaccinated? It's already, you know, it's May, like, you know, how come you haven't been double-vaxxed?

He says, "Well, I could only get one vax because I had a heart attack two minutes after getting the vaccine." And, he says, "I've never been the same, so I can't get a second dose, I'd probably die." And I said, Really? And he said, "Yeah." And then I learned that his wife also had vaccine injury problems.

And I said, eh, this doesn't make any sense to me. How can my carpet cleaner and his wife both be vaccine injured when this is a safe and effective vaccine? That can't happen, unless I'm the most unlucky guy in the world. So I said, this is, I wonder who's telling the truth here? And we should get to the bottom of this. So then I just started getting into it, I started looking at the VAERS data, and I started talking—

DR. JAMES THORP: It's only been a year? It's only been 18 months?

STEVE KIRSCH: No, it's been, this started in May of last year [2021].


STEVE KIRSCH: Yeah, so basically in I'd say first of May, I'm singing the praises of the vaccine. By May 25th I'm writing a 280 page article published on Trial Site News talking about how unsafe these vaccines are, how unethical Tony Fauci is, how unethical Cliff Lane is, I name names, I don't pull any punches, and I tell people what I think.

And you know, then of course Wikipedia then turns me into a bad person. I was awarded a National Caring Award, it's in Wikipedia, it's been there from like Day 1 in Wikipedia. They erased that.


STEVE KIRSCH: You know, so this is all about character assassination, this is about going [after] anybody who speaks the truth. And I had to quit my job because I was jeopardizing the company because there were companies that wouldn't do business with us because the CEO is an anti-vaxxer. So I had to leave the company that I founded because of my beliefs.

Now I could have just remained silent. But I just didn't think that was the right thing to do as a citizen of the world. I didn't think that it was the right thing to do to just keep my mouth shut, and keep my head down, and do the right thing for my family.

So my wife was all concerned, that, hey, you're out of a job, nobody will hire you, you're a pariah, we've lost all our friends. And she was going through a lot of angst because of this, because of the stance that I chose to make. But, you know, I've never felt that I did the wrong thing. That, I would rather give up the, you know, I gave up millions in stock options in my decision to leave the company because I thought it was more important to save people's lives and to speak out against the injustice.

And once I quit my job, then I have no more shackles. Right? Doctors have these shackles, where they can't tell the truth because these medical boards will go against them. And so I said, look, there are few people in my position, that can basically say, hey, look, I've earned enough money that I don't need a job, and I can quit my job, and I can go full-time on this because it's the right thing to do. That's how I got—

DR. JAMES THORP: God bless you for doing this. God bless you. Thank you for what you've done. You're a huge platform. You've done an amazing job.

STEVE KIRSCH: Thank you. Yeah, it's been stressful, but you know, it's the right thing to do, and I hope that some day people will realize that.

DR. JAMES THORP: Well, it's not really important what other people think or what Wikipedia thinks of you or me, ultimately.

STEVE KIRSCH: I'm perfectly happy to judge myself. And I have to live with myself and I don't think I could live with myself by having a façade that says, "Oh sure, yeah, yeah, get the vaccine, safe and effective."



# # #


Steve Kirsch's blog is https://stevekirsch.substack.com. He is the founder of the Vaccine Safety Foundation https://www.vacsafety.org/

*Robert Kennedy, Jr., attorney and founder of Children's Health Defense Fund.

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Steve . I am here thinking I’d like to be able to do a search and know which business was supporting mandating shots for their workers . My nurse wife was terminated and denied social assistance she pays into . When I am looking to do business or buy from a business I want to be able to verify they are not those radical left extremists pushing injections on their workers .

You se like you have the resources . Can you make an app for this please

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Thanks Lawrence!

Amusing but not particularly helpful! We've also discussed Canada and the Bahamas, Jamaica, etc, but we're on a pension so such expensive alternatives are not a viable consideration.

If you happen to hear of any other acceptable entry methods apart from the Rio Grande paddle, (which, unbelievably, we've discussed), please let me know.

It's rumoured that the USA reviews it's Covid Policies every quarter. The next review is supposedly early to mid January 2023, which could be a life-line.

Thanks, Mick. (Still joining the dots!)

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The best way to reach the Moveable Middle is to share the following (I have had excellent success):

In the Pfizer and Moderna "gold standard" randomized clinical trials, the vaccine groups had 4 extra non-COVID deaths for every 3 less COVID deaths overall (compared to the placebo groups), i.e. 4 killed for every 3 saved, even during the deadliest Alpha wave in winter 2020-2021. The separate Pfizer and Moderna trials both showed a 15-17% increase in non-COVID deaths, and specifically a 40-50% increase in cardiovascular-related deaths, with vaccine versus placebo.

Pfizer: https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMoa2110345/suppl_file/nejmoa2110345_appendix.pdf - Table S4

Moderna: https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMoa2113017/suppl_file/nejmoa2113017_appendix.pdf - Table S26

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I'm certainly not discouraging outreach objectives but I strongly believe the line has been drawn. Those that have refused the jab aren't going to start now. Those that have taken one or two jabs and STOPPED aren't going to be persuaded to take more garbage. Those that love being a lab rat will scurry off to get the cyborg clot shot.

I just don't believe that after two years of this nonsense their exists a "moveable middle."

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