Below you will kindly find a form letter I have composed and sent to our local school board with my name attached. If we all do the same, this vid should go viral across the U.S. to the governors and decision makers of each and every school district in the U.S. Other form letters to arrive soon than later. this letter was sent to the President; Vice President; Four Trustees; and of course, the Treasurer of our local school district, totaling seven (7) recipients.

There are 13,800 School Districts within the borders of the U.S.

At say, - seven (7) duly elected Officers and Trustees of each school district school board, we can reach an audience of 7 * 13,800 = 96,600 elected officials who are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the welfare of our children. Let us all drop what we are doing for say, 10 minutes of your time, look up your local school district's school board members, copy the text below, copy the email address of each person responsible for our children, (not just one - get it to each one) .





Ladies and Gentlemen:

Kindly take a few minutes of your time to review At Least the first 5 minutes

of the video link below, and as trustees of our children's health, safety, spiritual

and emotional development - if you have no doubt about the honesty and integrity

of Ms. AJ DePriest and her group of involved, not for profit , citizens, then kindly and

with God's speed, forward this video link, to the trustees of our neighboring school district

boards of education members, responsible for and governing every school district in Mich.

This video is expected , with your help, to go viral across the U.S. within Three days' time.

Let's make that happen - each of us - do our part to save the children, the elderly, the infirm

from what has been visited upon us all.

Peace. Always.

Your Name Here

copy of the link referenced above:


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I just found a doctor I’m not familiar with. Interesting, Dr. Robert Young. I just listened to a video titled, death shots and how to detox. Is anyone else out there familiar with him? Have an opinion?

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Given all the lies and corruption in our government, which most people intuitively understand at least on some level, it is amazing that so many people went along with every Covid scare story and mandate without ever questioning it.

Then we have the specter thousands and thousands of doctors that know the vaccines are not "safe and effective" yet remained silent as their patents died or got maimed by the vaccines. It makes you wonder if we as a society can last much longer.

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You are a true warrior and freedom fighter. thank you just doesn't seem sufficient.

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TY Steve, you are a wealth of info.and I wonder if those who are still pushing the vax and/or even making mandatory are evil or just ignorant, but my hunch is that they know exactly how dangerous the vax is. The bigggest medical scandal in the history of mankind! This quote of yoru article says it all: But the whole point of mandates was that it would protect you from getting sick so you wouldn’t infect others. Clearly, the mandates make you more likely to get sick. This is opposite what you were told. Everyone should be outraged at this.

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Once again, Steve, you are talking all around the Elephant in the room. You're asked, “why would our authorities mislead us?” And you answer it's simply because so many don't want to admit being wrong or losing their license and such. That may be true of most practicing doctors and nurses, but not the "authorities!" The Elephant in the room is TRUMPETING something much different -- THEY ARE LYING!! Lying ALWAYS has an agenda. Those behind this always had an agenda ... a very EVIL one!! The WEF has already admitted, and actually BOASTED about, putting their puppets in many govts and govt agencies, et al. Why would they do that? BECAUSE THEY PLANNED FOR THIS!! The "misleading" was PLANNED!! Event 201, just as the multiple events before those "dealing" with potential / coming "pandemics," had as their main focus how to CONVINCE THE WORLD IT WAS A PANDEMIC, HOW DO DEAL WITH THOSE WHO OPPOSED THE FAKE NARRATIVES, HOW TO CONVINCE PEOPLE TO ACCEPT THE HORRIBLE, RIGHTS-DESTROYING MANDATES, INCLUDING THE EXPERIMENTAL TOXIC INJECTIONS!!! Why do you refuse to see the obvious?? The authorities pushing all this were not "incompetent" nor "mis-informed" nor "mistaken." They knew what was coming and they were either all in or they were bribed or threatened or both.

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About all I can say is damn. Corroborated evidence

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Mar 21, 2022·edited Mar 21, 2022

Does the UK only consider people vaccinated 2 weeks after they’ve been shot up the second time? That little bit of data can allow many Covid cases and deaths as well to fall in the unvaccinated column. . This would make the case even stronger to say no and to stop this madness. In the last year I’ve made a lot of friends who’ve refused it. We get together regularly inside and outside, never cover our faces, hug and dance, and hardly anyone has gotten sick. I like it that way.

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Mar 21, 2022·edited Mar 22, 2022

In my over 50 years of life I know of one person. in their 30s, who died unexpectedly in his sleep. He just stopped breathing. This happened back in the late 1980s. He wasn't overweight & appeared perfectly healthy. It was very shocking.

Since these jabs were rolled out it now appears to be much more common and yet no health authority in the world will investigate and society is happy to keep its head in the sand.

As Benjamin Franklin said, all government ends in despotism when the people become so corrupted as to need despotic government:

"Sir, I agree to this Constitution with all its faults, if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other."

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At least historically, there was a footnote to this table that offered 3 alternative excuses for apparent negative effectiveness: vaccinees are more worried about Covid so get tested more often; vaccinees are less worried about Covid, so take greater risk; the unvaccinated enjoy natural immunity. I paraphrase, but the best they could do was two inconsistent explanations and a begrudging acknowledgement of natural immunity. The True Believers will of course tell you that only hospitalisation and/or death matters, but these also show poor results over time. Toby Young's Vaccine Sceptics website has details.

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My Dr was threatened by government health officials for using an early treatment protocol that included ivermectin. None of his patients died or were hospitalized during the pandemic.

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Why will doctors have their licenses revoked? I am not doubting they are, but what is truly behind it. I think the need to CYA on the part of a huge number of people is also real, but think it goes beyond that. Somebody really wants every single soul on the planet to get the vaccine.

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Thank you, posting.

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Keep up the good work Steve ignore Tim stopping the poisoning of mankind is at the top of the list

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Not super concerning, Steve?

The argument against it being a concern: We know now that the vaccines still allow transmission... but death and hospitalization are still helped with vaccination!! RAH!

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