Is a medical examiner committing a non-feasance, a mis-feasance, or a mal-feasance by neglecting to look into deceased's vaccine status given the well known increase in all-cause mortality? Is this neglect a danger to the general public? Should the public be complaining about this?

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Why the hell is nobody exposing this death knell on a campaign platform?The hell with the corrupt Establishment duopoly! “ We The People” are waking up to the fact that you despise us all. Only DeSantis, Ladapo, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Kari Lake and thank God for Tulsi Gabbard have had the guts to say the quiet part out loud. Without any support from either party.anybody who dares speak out on the Covid lies, WEF Great Reset, BlackRock/Vanguard/StateStreet/ Ukraine/Puppet leaders/the global turmoil, Biden’s cabinet, Intel, warmongering, judicial abuse , prosecuting political opposition, weaponizing the agencies, imprisoning journalists… relegated to hyperspace. The people across the political ideological spectrum who have the integrity to put the nonsense aside to save humanity.Fuck you. Murderers!.

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The biggest impediment to people admitting they're wrong is their EGO, not conflicts of interest.

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I can think of a few reasons for their silence.

1- They'd have to admit they failed miserably in upholding their hippocratic oath, "first, do no harm."

2 - They have a monetary stake in the status quo, and to speak out against the mainstream media means it'll hit them in the pocket book.

3- They are being threatened if they come out against the mainstream narrative.

Anyway you look at it, it's alarming that so many of our best and brightest in medicine are dumb as rocks when it comes to vaccine safety.

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"It seems reasonable to assume that at least some of the ideas of modern medicine are true"

Why is it reasonable to assume Jerome?

To assume is to not know.... I want to know. ...and there is nothing reasonable about what has transpired the last 30+ months.

Making assumptions or having a belief is not good enough for me personally and it should not be good enough for anyone else anymore!

Could it be so much of western society and culture has been trained, bread, raised by Bernay’s Motion Pictures, Tell A Vision, Compulsory Schooling of the Prussian Model that always shows, speaks of or reinforces the notion of Doctors & Medicine in a good light? Heroes? Saviors? Miracles workers?

and that the science is irrefutable?

It certainly seems plausible...don't you think?

I prefer to conclude that I know or do not know... I do not do assumptions or beliefs well.

When one investigates the history the people are NOT taught you can clearly see how John D Rockefeller and those of his ilk created the capitalistic allopathic system of medicine, from control of colleges & universities, to medical journals, research, accreditation, licensing, patents, pharma and most importantly rubbing out the competition............Institutions were co-opted, bought out, paid off, attacked in the media; spread rumors on alternative health...heck Rockefeller bought out Chinese Medicines in the 1920's

The Rockefeller (USA) medical/pharma industry cabal is built on a foundation of corruption it will be corrupt no matter if some of what is done is "True" though being 'True" does not necessarily make it moral, correct or right.

Also an antibiotic is NOT a Cure; it is a Treatment, a Medicine...

Anti - Against

Bio - life

Medicines are not cures, remedies or about HEALth otherwise the etymological origins would be similar to 'cure' 'remedy' and 'HEALth' and they are not.

Medicines etymological origins are similar to that of drugs, poisons and 'sorcery' which is the administering of medicine, drugs or poisoning by deception...the word sorcery appears in the bible three times, twice in Revelations (End Times) and translates into the word Pharmakeia (Greek), Pharmacia (Latin), Farmacie (Old French) or Pharmacy......Are you going to Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens to get your shot/jab/vaccine?

You do not need a scientific backround or a degree in medicine, all you need to do is to be able to do is read proficiently and understand the words (and thier origins) that you read.

Evaluating modern (Capitialistic Allopathic) medicine is simple!

It starts with John D Rockefeller, the Rockefeller Foundation and ANYTHING it promoted and or funded into existence.

That is where to start if you want to 'sort it out'

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Great work, Steve!

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I just don't think the other vaccines are safe, when they first started putting them out even in the early 1950's after they started their very first "roll outs" that's when auto immune problems and cancer became more common. Our parents took those and passed their infected blood to us, then we got vaccinated on top of that, passing more onto our children, then in 1986 we went vaccine crazy, leaving a wake of disease and destruction. We are sicker and more diseased than ever!

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Confirmed for First Time: Vaccines Cause Myocarditis Deaths, Says Oxford Study

A new University of Oxford study published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation found that a COVID-19 vaccine is actually four times more likely to cause myocarditis in men under the age of 40 than a COVID-19 infection. This is also the first study that has acknowledged that people are actually dying from vaccine-induced myocarditis.


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I hold you all in the highest esteem. Experiencing people still coming in with masks on to shop and my beautiful 70 year old neighbor going as fast as she can get to the pharmacy to get her 5th booster. Heartbreaking.

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God bless you for your integrity and courage, Dr.

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For those who want to know the theoretical aspects of the dangers of mRNA vaccines.


Mr. Hiroshi Arakawa, MDR, has continued to warn against mRNA vaccines on his blog since June 8, 2021.

He is now a scholar at the FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology Foundation in Italy.

He is an active researcher in molecular biology, immunology, genetic engineering, virology, etc.

In his blog, which started in June 2021, he gives explanations that are easy to understand even for amateurs.

Government-affiliated scholars of public health and doctors who often appear in the mass media can tell how stupid they are by the degree of their heads.

Even amateurs can understand terms that are difficult to understand in the blog by reading them while searching on the web.

Even a layman will be able to see much more accurately than the medical scientists and doctors out there.

Unlike DR.Steve Kirsch's mathematical and statistical methods, he points out the dangers based on current medical theories.

He evaluates and cites MIT comprehensive papers.

I don't know much about the genetic engineering part, even though I graduated from an engineering department, but I think it would be good to know the results.

I noticed and read his blog in January 2022.

His words are too cautious, but I think his predictions are gradually being proven.

In Japan, PaperBack, which summarizes his blog, was also published in March 2022.

(Now, fortunately, if you install a translation app, I think you can somehow read this Japanese blog in any language.

Japanese language differs from Western European language structure mainly in terms of subjects and predicates, so please be careful not to take it in the opposite sense. )

I think it's worth reading for those who want to know the theoretical side.


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Yes, Martin Kulldorff, like the other Great Barrington Document authors, signers, and a minority of other brave boisterous voices we follow and hear, did not sacrifice their ethics in exchange for safety. These are the real heroes in our story...

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Sep 16, 2022·edited Sep 16, 2022

The following brilliant article was my first encounter with Martin K. If only someone had listened to him, all those many months ago!

We Need a Radically Different Approach to the Pandemic and Our Economy as a Whole (initially posted Sept 2020)


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Martin Kulldorff is awesome and he stays intellectually curious. Not a bit surprised he was interested in seeing the data from Israel.

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How come no one has gone to court to reverse 1986?

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Thank you. 1 in 300 not great odds but there is hope

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