There are now 13 different bets listed on the term sheet. If you think the virus doesn't exist or any other such nonsense, you should accept one of the bets and let's resolve the issue.

But it's clear that NOBODY has any conviction for any of these beliefs as you can see from the bet acceptances and the side bets (which are all consistent with my beliefs). The link for the term sheet is in the article. Please stop claiming the virus doesn't exist if you are not willing to demonstrate your commitment by accepting my bet or making a commitment in the side-pool. thanks.

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Michael Yeadon could use the money.

It looks like Mike agrees with me that SARS CoV-2 was pieced together on genbank under instructions to find the nearest bat to match it to. That's how they came up with RaTG13. I remember the article that laid out the method used in obtaining the genetic links to RaTG13.

Mike suspects nothing leaked from a lab, or that it wasn't causing what's been called COVID.

It's like I've been harping on since 2019 when the virus was first announced. This was a psyop to get people to take transhuman, depopulation shots. As Mike says, COVID is just one part of a broad effort to usher in the NWO.

And here's the motive from the lips of Peter Daszak and Anthony Fauci.

Peter Daszak said at the National Academies for Science in 2015, and published in 2016:

"…until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis … we need to increase public understanding of the need for [medical countermeasures] such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process."

A video emerged where Fauci and others planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine” which became the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine” because people were not afraid enough of the flu virus.


Remember, according to a social security whistleblower who grabbed copies of the U.S. Deaths master file, death by all causes remained unchanged by the end of 2019 - late 2020. I have read the CDC went back and altered that data to conceal that truth. I checked the reports when they first came out, the deaths were not statistically different from the 10 year average," as I recall.

The Chinese people dropping dead in Wuhan appeared to be staged. Doctors were failing to treat people with bacterial pneumonia. Mike found during 2020-2021, 50% of the antibiotics needed for bacterial pneumonia cases were used, meaning a lot of doctors simply were not treating it. We already know about deadly hospital protocols, like sending people home with respiratory distress, and telling them to come back when they're near death, but doing nothing to help them. Mike said these cases were easy to treat. He cites numerous doctors who developed successful protocols.

This is a great segment on by Michael Yeadon. Mike has lost family and friends due to his enlightenment about COVID. I really feel bad for the guy. He's doing his best to wake people up to the truth, that we're all going to lose our freedom if we don't start waking people up and doing something about it.


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The virus has never been shown to exist. Why does Steve let the perpetrators off the hook when it comes to the core lie/delusion behind "covid-19"?

And re Steve's disinfo campaign against me colleagues and I:

The real reason I now refuse to debate Steve Kirsch (hint: it’s not what Steve tells his readers):


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The virus has never been shown to exist. Why does Steve let the perpetrators off the hook when it comes to the core lie/delusion behind "covid-19"?

And re Steve's disinfo campaign against me colleagues and I:

The real reason I now refuse to debate Steve Kirsch (hint: it’s not what Steve tells his readers):


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since these 1 milly bets are not being taken, would you consider paying for autopsies on some of the people suffering sudden or mysterious deaths?

autopsy where I live costs 2k-5k

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Soooo, Mike Yeadon who has been very outspoken about Covid BS, and as you probably know is a former VP at Pfizer, just acknowledged he believes there is no such thing as a respiratory virus. Understand how difficult this must have been for Mike. This is a man who spent his entire career studying virology. I’ve been privy to email exchanges between Mike and some prominent scientists on the terrain (no virus) side. He fought back early but admitted shortcomings of virology. And then slowly came around as presumably he could no longer deny the obvious. Understand that there is ZERO chance Mike Yeadon would have publicly stated his new position unless he was absolutely certain. I hate appeals to authority but I think this is significant and will help others start to break down their own cognitive dissonance. I have so much respect for Mike and the courage it took to admit that for decades he was studying a fictional entity called a virus. He clung to this throughout the “pandemic” and only recently came out with this. Hopefully this link works for you. https://t.me/c/1546177402/4551

**Steve, maybe Mike will debate you. Something tells me you’d want no part of that one.

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1. Diseases are not caused by viruses or germs. Correct.

2. Flus, colds, ‘germs’, and other disease cannot be transmitted from person to person. Correct.

3. Spoiled food can result in bacteria making us sick, but is not transmissible from person to person. Not exactly... Bacteria do not make us sick. Bacteria are only present to consume dead and dying tissue.

4. Bacteria is not the same thing as a germ. It is real and can be viewed in a microscope without changing the substance of the sample. - Germ is a pretty generic term. Whether you think of germs as a virus (they dont exist) or bacteria (these are the good guys), there simply arent microscopic germs that make us sick. With a sickness, we usually think of symptoms. Runny nose, coughing, fever, swelling, etc. Most doctors are taught and therefore tell their patients that these symptoms ARE the illness. This is completely wrong. Symptoms are our body's beautiful way of detoxing itself. Symptoms are the cure! Yet we are told they are the disease. So what to MDs do? Give us pharmaceuticals to get rid of the symptoms!! And we wonder why despite all our advanced medical technologies we are one of the sickest countries on earth! Unfortunately, we live in a world surrounded by toxins: chemicals, cleaning supplies, herbicides, pesticides, we live in homes built with chemically treated lumber, plastics, overwhelming non native EMF's, vaccines... we are constantly ingesting toxins, breathing them in, bathing in them... so we get symptoms to detox. That's it. No bogeyman invisible germ that no one ever has seen. :)

5. Bacteria is not transmissible from person to person. - Bacteria is essentially omni present. There are literally trillions living in your body right now. They're everywhere. Kiss your wife and you'll exchange bacteria. But it won't make you sick.

6. No ‘virus’ is visible in a microscope (not even an electron miscroscope) without doing something to the sample to make it visible. - You're close. Even after they starve and poison monkey kidney cells mixed with fetal bovine serum and antibiotics, etc. they do not see a virus. They see particles created by the cell death that they caused, and call those particles a virus. Mysteriously, they CANNOT see these same particles in the sputum taken from a sick person.

7. No one in history has ever proven a ‘virus’ can be transmitted from person to person. Correct. Not even close. We only have bogus theories to explain epidemiological observations -- a bunch of people getting sick. We have nothing resembling proof.

8. The appearance of a virus in a prepared sample is the body’s expulsion of particles from toxins, contaminations, or other environmental injury. - No. See #6 if this is what you mean by prepared sample. If you mean sputum directly from a patient, they cannot see virus. They can get a positive PCR test. This is a long rabbit hole (PCR) but the simplest thing to consider is - given the fact they have NEVER seen or isolated a SARS-CoV-2 virus, what are they testing for? Well, they're testing for a match of a genetic sequence constructed in-silico (on a computer) based on one of these BS in-vitro cultures they do in a lab (see #6). To get this genetic sequence they upload a batch of data representing the various genetic material that appeared in this soup of monkey cells, bovine calf serum, etc. and even then, they can't build out the entire viral genome. So the computer fills in the gaps with likely missing links. So, they are LITERALLY testing for a sequence that has never appeared in nature. They readily admit this. I'll shut up on this one, but there's a lot more to say on PCR.

9. The PCR test doesn’t prove the existence of a virus, but may reveal the existence of a common set of symptoms caused by similar environmental factors or contamination. - Almost and maybe. Honestly, it doesn't matter what they are testing for or what the test shows once you realize where they get the original sequence from. It's literally a guess based on throwing a shit ton of data on genetic particles they found from their toxic lab soup into a computer, making up the missing pieces because they dont have a complete genome. PCR cant tell us anything about symptoms, but maybe it tells us commonalities humans have when experiencing detox/illness. Maybe our cells break down in the same way. Whatever it is, it doesnt matter because it definitely DOES NOT tell us we have a virus. So whatever it tells us, it ain't that! : )

10. It is still possible the appearance of COVID was caused by a biological or some other environmental weapon. - I do not think this is possible. We could all be poisoned by something, sure. Poison the water, the air, our electro-magnetic environment (The Invisible Rainbow is a MUST READ)...

But it's not a virus. Johns Hopkins gave a presentation in 2020 showing no excess deaths in the US. We are told the "virus" called the flu just disappeared and we just nod our heads like mindless zombies and just accept that that's true. There was no virus. Remdesivir, Ventilators, isolation, heartache, depression, and vaccines killed people. We all know noone dies from Covid at home right? Only in the hospital. This was all propaganda. Mass formation.

Hope this helps. Email me if you want to continue the convo - jthompclt@gmail.com

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The virus originated in the humans, animals and birds that God made.

It's gone through alterations in labs since the advent of vaccines.

The gene deletions were done with CRSPR.

Gene alterations happened from growing human cells together in immortalized animal or bird cells over decades in processes called vaccine attenuation of live viruses and Gain of Function research.

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so they release a bioweapons with a 99percent survival rate? How idiotic are people to believe such nonsense

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Following Hill's I found this. Two major symptoms of 2019-2020 COVID are old symptoms from H1N1.

h1n1 causes low oxygen saturation



h1n1 causes loss of taste and smell




In 2019 the CDC announced the new influenza vaccines for 2019-2020 would have influenza A(h1N1,) and influenza B. I think we all know influenza vaccinated shed the virus. A couple of years ago I read they shed virus as much as 12x the rate of the vaccinated, it was posted on an autism website. I can't find the article now.

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Steve, Is there a video of virologists explaining the scientific method they use step by step to find any kind of viruses especially seasonal flu viruses. Can your team of experts make a video showing us laypeople how they find viruses from people with the common seasonal flu?

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I have written 40 blog chapters on THE CORONA CONSPIRACY, with special focus on virus denialists such as Icke, Kaufman, Cowan, Lanka, Bailey etc. (but including lab leak theories, Li Meng Yan, Fleming, McKairn).

I am interested in these three warring segments of society:

- STRONG VIRUS: mainstream science and politics

- WEAK VIRUS: science skeptics and alternative medicine

- NO VIRUS: viruses don't exist in the first place

The WEAK/STRONG controversy is widely covered in the media, but recently the NO VIRUS/WEAK VIRUS camps have started to raise their voices as well. I see you are taking a stand here for the WEAK VIRUS camp and challenge the NO VIRUS folks. Good for you.

Please check out: https://www.integralworld.net/visser211.html for my challenges to Stefan Lanka and company. This is a chapter from a two-volume series of books on corona conspiracies,

Frank Visser



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$1 million doesn’t buy peace of mind.

$1 million doesn’t buy integrity

$1 million doesn’t buy truth

$1 million doesn’t buy a million things

But they’re probably turning your offer down cause they’re cowards.

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Mr Kirsch,

I don't mean disrespect, you sound very confident about the existence of viruses and specifically of COVID-19, so I was wondering:

what do you think about the "control" experiments of Prof Stefan Lanka, that show the following: following the customary and ONLY supposedly authorized method in virology of testing for any virus existence, ie.

A) by mixing other (bad for cell survival) things + the purported infected by virus sample

is indistringuishable from a control experiment of

B) by mixing other (bad for cell survival) things + known NOT-to-be infected (ie. healthy) sample.

Thus if A) and B) produce the same bad results for the cells (supposedly attributed to the virus), it certainly opens the door for the common part in A) and B), namely the mixing of other (bad for cell survival) things to actually be the cause of the purported effect normally attributed to the by-virus-infected sample.

Maybe you have another reasonable explanation for these control experiments, it'd be interesting to know how can you exclude the possibility of causation by the other-bad-for-cell-survival things...


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But Steve....PATRICK GUNNELS who has his own "show" on Rumble says that YOU are a terrible, horrible, liar for even suggesting anyone can isolate the covid virus or any virus!! ..and he said he wrote into you and wants to debate you for a MILLION DOLLARS. Will you please let us know when you speak with him? I really want to watch/listen to this debate!

"Viruses are so small that they are best viewed using an electron microscope, which is how they were first visualized in the 1940s" There....start with that :-)

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