Now that Steve has set up this Vaccine Tell All site I am wondering why he did not do it long ago. It's such an obvious idea. FB has had a Vaccine Tell All page for awhile now. In fact it has grown so fast it had to be briefly shut down due to the volume. I not disparaging Steve. He has given his life and soul to his mission to inform the masses about the Extermination event, otherwise known as the Covid Eugenics Project. I will go find a link to that site now.

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I recently moved from Oregon to Arizona. But I’m taking on the corrupt Oregon Medical Board in federal court. They MUST be stopped! Thanks for your kind words.

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Anyway we can get someone from this group on a podcast to help deliver the truth to the public? We have a podcast called the PA Pulse. Please contact Tony B. to be a guest on it. thepapulse@proton.me

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I posted (pamphlets of) this article with QR Links nearby a few hospitals, a couple of fire stations and a cardiovascular clinic. I realized the fire stations are good spots, since paramedics are first in line to find sudden incidents.

Now lets hope and pray some healthcare workers and other people see this article. I pray that a few of you will do the same as I did - I'm sure some of you have better ideas. This is the best Paul Revere thing I can think of.

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Wow, amazing stuff; this is the way to expose these crimes. Thank you.

"I am a physician at a wound center in a small rural community. I see about 500-600 new patients a year and have an active patient list at most times around 100-150 patients give or take, it’s a very rough estimate. I’ve been in this position for almost 6 years. Prior to 2021, I rarely had a patient die, maybe 1-3 per year. If I really thought about it I could probably name them all. I have been getting frequent death notices over the past year and mentioned something to my nurse. She agreed that it seemed like more than usual. I usually find out why/how they died for my own personal knowledge and as sort of a quality control measure to make sure we didn’t in some way contribute or fail to do something. We sat there today and named everyone that we could remember that died since February 2021. Just off the top of our heads we listed 29 people. None of them died of COVID. I can tell you how each one of them died. Some where right after vaccination, some were several months later but all but one was either cardiac arrest, multi organ failure with septic picture and no clearly identifiable source or end stage cancer/palliative. The one was suicide but I believe it was because he suffered debilitating injury from a severe stroke after vaccination. All the people who have died were vaccinated. This doesn’t count all the spouses of patients who have died who were vaccinated (can think of at least 3 right now). This is not normal. This is not coincidence. This was just off the top of our heads. Interestingly, in 2021, UMMS changed our EMR so that we can no longer access our prior patient schedules beyond one year. So right now I could only go back a review charts from August 2021 unless I have the patient information from memory or old paper records. I have requested patient lists of all encounters going 3 years back several months ago but have not received anything yet. It’s really quite upsetting. Throughout the past 2 years I have also kept unofficial tabs on how many people were hospitalized with positive Covid test and whether or not they were vaccinated. It used to be consistently about 50/50, now it is easily 80-90% vaccinated, most with 3-4 shots. Thanks for caring."

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Yes, Thank you! We need help! we need to be making this what people are talking about. People are being edredrum.

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Is it really bad, that I do no longer give a flying F..k about the, BoeHoe Stories(victims of the deathvaxx), and the $$ selling doctors and medical personal who participated in the human vaxx cull?-culling(still going on)!

I want the whole medical establishment to crash, F..K it, obliterated.

And I do not want that system being replaced at all.

The medical establishment was already deadly as F...K, I talk here about >55 years.

They just dropped their masks the last 3.5 years, it started march 2019 remember?

I did not see one doctor or personnel coming out that, when they(governments) made the ridiculous statements about corona and took over the doctor business.

Not one doctor was even talking about the lies about corona that it is really an old cold virus>76-70years old, just study the older books and there it will pop up.

All Doctors let the government step in on their (doctor=health) territory. And looked away.

In the Netherlands(NL) was a third grade teacher that was a Health Minister De Jonge and took all of the ridiculous deadly medical decisions, where were you then, dear doctors?? huh?!! (cricket noises)

You should have stood your already deadly ground, everybody involved in the healthcare, from cleaners, administration, doctors, nurses, medical applies companies, etc.. EVERYBODY!! should have walked away.

Yes I'm talking of walking away 1 week or a month, the corona madness would have collapsed.

But NOOOOOO, you all stayed

This mess we are in now could not have happened if you had done that, walking away.

So even if you did not give the deathvaxx your self, and you stayed, you participated in it, and made it worse. I no longer give a flying F..K why you stayed, cause you should have left. THAT was you duty to other peoples health.

Anybody in government-business(corporations) who was part of it, no matter the part, should be accused of manslaughter, and executed, by a not corrupted Judge.

Anybody in health care that promoted and gave the deathvaxx, should by accused of manslaughter and executed, by a not corrupted Judge.

Anybody who looked away and stayed should be stripped of their health licenses permanently. And be thrown in jail. In jail you are gonna learn herbal, food, detox, cooking, gardening etc. studies, and see finally what kind of bollocks you have learned(or did not learn) for your medical license.

You will also realize that almost everything medicine, if it was not meant for culling people was copied from herbs aka nature its called Pharmacognosy !!!

Why was it copied?, so they could patent it, make $$ of it and hurt people, cause all these copies usually hurt way more then the herbs it was copied from, and the herbs usually work for many things instead of just one(copied version).

Small example=Aspirin was copied from white willow bark, Aspirin hurts the stomach, white willow bark does not, actually it helps the stomach.

Back to the imprisoned ones, once you know a lot about herbs, food, cooking, gardening and poisons incl detox (especially chemicals), you will be the educators to the people.

Like Dr. John Christopher said, in every family should be at least one person who should be a herbalist, then a specialist herbalist per couple streets or region, and even this person should have a higher back up.

People need to know their herbs, food, meats, cooking from scratch, gardening food, what poisons hem, and do basic stuff like bruises, dislocations, cuts, basic sutures, getting rid of bugs outside and inside you body.

It is not that hard at all.

The start was for me difficult, once you are in, you are gonna love it, and see how simple healing is and that you the owner of this beautiful body, get well and healthy. (incl. pets)

We can still have the ER's, for the very serious wound and accidents. Yes I talk about the specialist of surgeons here who need to be educated on the above as well.

What also needs to be done is kick the farmers under their nuts, cause they are just as responsible of death(cancers etc.) as the doctors and pharma (talking before corona) think the poisons they spay over your veggies with protective masks+clothing, but its okay to eat.(sarcasm). ;-)

Same for the supermarkets, stop with all the excitotoxins-neurotoxins to get us hooked on horrible snacks (color preservatives, phalates, plastic removal back to glass bottles and jars, dna damaging chemical ingredients, artificial(lab) sweeteners). Stop with anything 100% fructose. etc etc etc

Same for the corporations that produce them, they should be removed or go back to old real food.

This is what needs to be done!!! Let me say that again...

This is what needs to be done!!! and again..

This is what needs to be done!!!

Not the boehoe stories, or this is what happened when I stayed at the healthcare employment.

Stop wasting time, and start taking back your power of health, it was yours to begin with.

And the ones who do not want to take that responsibility are on their own, until they change their minds. And are willing to take their responsibility finally.......we welcome that.

Yes the old normal ways.....

Because good heath is Always and will be Everything.


-I'm not laughing at all about the victims of the deathvaxx, it breaks my heart what happened to them, i just stopped to waste time on it. I want them to get the best care.

-Being a victim of the medical establishment as well(not corona involved), I almost died 3x the last 10-11 months, but I took back my healing power., fired my docs, kicked out pharma, go herbs and co. And its slowly getting better. While the 13 doctors and co. had given me up. Actually they ignored me for 3 years! that I could not eat.

I am done. Have a Nice day.

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We all need to tell our story without fear of retribution... Is ALL Healthcare Fraudulent? https://rachelwild.substack.com/p/is-all-healthcare-fraudulent

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This is a great idea and reading these accounts makes me wonder how it continues to be suppressed. i am filled with rage over this.

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I find it hard to believe 300 million Americans are putting up with a Derelict President, who is

1) violating his oath of office daily,

2) violating Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution, he is not protecting the Nation from an invasion.

3) violating statute 1324, by Harboring, Aiding and Abetting illegal aliens daily.

4) He has Sent 40,000 American Military personnel 5 thousand miles from the California, Arizona and Texas Border to Poland to defend Ukraine.

5) He took part in sending 10 billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt while Vice President, plus 150 billion to Iran.

6) He knew about Obama selling Arms to A Mexican Drug Cartel, one gun which was used directly to kill a Border agent.

7) He has told the Homeland Security Chief to fly 50 thousand plus illegal aliens into 10 plus states.

8) He has permitted 300 plus Afghanistan people to be Flown in on Military Planes to live on Military bases.

9) There are, right now, 11 Governors who are violating their oaths with the approval of the Attorney General.

By permitting A completely Unconstitutional, illegal and irrational decision to not detain illegal aliens in their state, plus give many a driver’s license to eventually drive Drunk and kill more Americans Citizens.

They are violating statute 1324, and Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution.

10) This is occurring while 100,000 American Troops are cleaning their bathrooms with toothbrushes, eating three meals a day, wearing clean uniforms, practicing shooting at targets, blowing up dirt hills, running in the mud, climbing ropes, talking loud to each other, writing letters to their girlfriends, talking to their parents, watching television, being yelled at by a drill instructor, Marching in clean uniforms in front of their families, playing football in Army Navy Games, taking pictures of themselves with clean uniforms on, playing rock music in bands for entertainment, drinking beer.

Our Nation is being invaded by 100,000 Illegal aliens each month.

10 million illegal aliens need to be detained and deported.

8 million Muslims have already entered our nation who each need to be detained and deported.

Americans are paying taxes to a government which is protecting known lawbreakers, not indicting known oath violators, not indicting known individuals who have committed Treason, individuals in court who are undermining civic order, by releasing known Murderers, D.A. s in 5 plus states being bribed by George Soros, not indicting Schools Boards who have undermined the delinquency of minors with perversion in books distributed at Public high schools. Violating code 847. 1 to 20.

Our nation stands in a state of utter and complete betrayal and defiance to everything that is good, pure and noble.

The government is rotten to the core.

30 Military Bases with men who are being paid to defend the Nation, but not sent to the border is both irrational and shameful.

The National Guard not detaining illegal aliens and Muslims in every state is an oath violation and an act of betraying the taxpayers who gave them a job to do.

A Dark Darkness has come over the United States today.

Read the Preamble, the Constitution immediately and put some sweat on your brow, to restore the rule of law.

We’re burning daylight Americans, Get to work.

Lexington and Concord on the Green in 2022.

Have a Paul Revere and Patrick Henry Day.

Part 2

The same 150,000 American men who landed on the Normandy Coast of France, June 6th, 1944, today would land on the East Coast of United States North and South of Washington D.C, with Guns Blazing, to rescue the January 6th Detainees.

They would arrest every Representative and Senator and the President.

They would have a Court Trial before a Judge for each to determine if they violated their oaths to the Constitution.

Did they violate Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution?

Yes or no!

Do the states they come from protect illegal aliens from being detained and deported?

If the answer is yes,

1) Each violated their oaths,

2) Each violated statute 1324, by Harboring, Aiding and Abetting illegal aliens.

Oath violators receive a 5 year penalty.


THE PEOPLE WHO DETAINED THE January 6th citizens would be tried for violating the 6th Amendment right of each detainee.

The Detainers of the jail are guilty of oath violation.

The Detainers are guilty of Unlawful arrest of citizens under Color of Law.

Every person who works at a detention center is guilty of Unlawful detention of citizens under Color of Law.

The 150,000 Americans would locate every Sanctuary Governor and assembly members who voted for Sanctuary Policy.

Arrest each and every one.

Put on Trial before a Judge.

Read the Penalty for oath violation to each of them.

Read them Statute 1324.

Identify Americans directly killed by the illegal Sanctuary policy, in the last 3 years.

Convict each Governor and Assembly member, Senator, and Representative of being derelict in fulfilling their Sworn legal duty, to uphold their oath.

Convict each of violating statute 1324.

Convict each for being an accessory before the fact of Murder.

25 plus years in a Federal Prison for each.

Next the leader of the 150,000 men would locate the F.B.I. building and arresting every F.B.I. agent.

Put each of them before a Judge.

Ask one question of each.

Did you know the Information concerning Trump was fraudulent, fake and made up?

If you knew, and did nothing.

You violated your oath of office.

Send each to prison for 25 years.

Next the leader, and 150,000 Men would locate and identify each Pharmaceutical company C.E.O and employees directly involved in making a vaccine, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, which contains graphene oxide nanoparticles, and aluminum.

Then go to 25 hospitals in each state, which participated in the fraudulent administration of the vaccine filled with Graphene Oxide nanoparticles.

Identify each Doctor and nurse who injected Americans with the vaccine.

Bring each before a Judge.

Read the Hippocratic Oath.

Indict each for Medical Negligence for knowingly injuring and doing harm to their patients.

They each violated the Hypocritic Oath.

They each committed medical negligence which harmed their patients.

Send each to prison for battery and Murder of 1 million Americans and injuring 800,000 Americans.

The vaccine which was injected into millions of Americans, who then died and were directly injured as a result of the poison in the vaccine.

Each C.E.O. and employees would be on Trial before a Judge.

The Judge would read the evidence and show pictures to each CEO and employees of hundreds and thousands of Americans both killed and injured by their fraudulent product which contains graphene oxide nanoparticles

1 million Americans directly killed from poisonings from Graphene Oxide nanoparticles and Aluminum.

800,000 Americans directly injured from the vaccine.

The judge would Read the Nuremberg Codes 1 to 10 to each.

The Judge would read the Hippocratic Oath.

The Judge would look at the facts and evidence and convict each accordingly.

Anything less is Treason against reason, rationality and the rule of law.

A Republic would be restored.

Call your local District Attorney and Attorney General of your state.


Ask some serious questions.

Have a Paul’s Revere and Patrick Henry Day

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Kto a kedy potrestá tých vrahov, ktorí sa zúčastňovali na vraždení ľudí nezmyselnými, škodlivými, protizákonnými opatreniami?

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ALL governing officials who were forcing this on their people should be arrested for crimes against humanity and murder.

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We have known our family doctor for 2 decades. We share the same politics and religion. Last summer 2021 he gave us so stats he had about vaccine deaths. Something like 2000 since the vaccines rolled out. He had no problem with us declining the vaccine. Yesterday, we were back for our annual physical. They asked us if we were vaxxed...we said no and I said do you have a problem with that..and to my dismay he said yes. He said all politics aside, we have to listen to the guidance of the CDC. I said, cmon, all politics aside? That's not possible and you know it. He said he thinks we should get vaccinated even though we said we had omicron in January with like a headache. He is managed by Athena health...he used to own his own practice in the good old days. I was disappointed in him. No common sense.

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