That was perhaps the strangest interview I've ever seen in my life:

Fox: It's so cool! You're a millionaire and a smart guy! Tell us about why used to give lots of money to Democrats and then stopped, and started giving it to Republicans! What a great story!

Steve: I did that because the vax is incredibly dangerous and is killing people. The Dems refuse to acknowledge the truth. At least some [one?] Republicans are willing to consider the possibility that we're all being lied to in an incredibly dangerous way.

(Mainstream-translated Steve, which is what Fox heard: I'm a complete nutcase and massive disinformation machine and probably should be locked up.)

Fox: Whatever on the vaccines!!! It's just incredibly interesting that you, an millionaire (and a complete nutcase) have stopped giving money to Democrats and are giving it to Republicans! Tell us more about that!

Average viewer: What the heck is going on? Why are they touting his switch of party allegiance but ignoring the fact that he's a complete nutcase? Why does Fox find it interesting that a complete nutcase switched party allegiance? Sounds like and argument for the Democrats to me!

(Me: Bless you, Steve, for your continuing, vigorous fight for the truth! Don't give up!)

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Aug 25, 2022·edited Aug 25, 2022

Really funny stuff, Steve.

"The mainstream media claims that my statements on mainstream media were false."


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Great post! Thank you. It confirms what I have seen in “real life”. The “vaccine” is no vaccine. My sister-in-law (vaxxed) was sick for 2 weeks with Covid. Her husband (my brother) was sick for a week. And many more anecdotal events have occurred. Thank you again.

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Aug 20, 2022·edited Aug 20, 2022

Mr. Kirsch. I don't know you, never will meet you, and I honor you all the same. You're taking a position that is quicksand to everyone that dares to stand on it and you had to have known that when you planted your feet. I've lost two personal friends and know of three others by association that have died not long after their second shot. One of them was someone that I loved very much. Platonicaly, but intensely loved all the same. These shots have not only killed countless people (I doubt we will ever know the true figure) but they have also compromised the immune systems of hundreds of millions of people globally. Primarily in Western Civilization which should alarm everyone.

I would argue that this is more than just pharmaceutical companies colluding with governments and media outlets for the purpose of making money. The end result of this nightmarish experiment will end up being the crippling of the Western world. We're under attack without a shot being fired, no pun intended.

Stand your ground, sir. Keep spreading the word and never back down from this battle. Objective reality is the only truth that anyone can and should live by and you're fighting that fight. It's a fight that cannot be lost. Stay strong and do not give in.

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The high numbers of reported adverse events and deaths attributed to the jab have been flippantly discounted by my pro-jab family by saying it's because millions of doses have been given. That callous disregard for people is what fuels my anger at the pushers. Those dead and injured are PEOPLE. Not collateral damage! And they have other people who love them.

A former colleague (early 30's) has said she has been suffering from the flu like never before, for more than a week. It's progressed to a chest infection. It's also worse than the covid she got. Several of her friends have said the same thing. And yes, she's a nurse so has had 3 or 4 doses of the juice, PLUS the fluvax. How's that working for ya?

Keep up the good fight, Steve!

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I was at a gun store. A salesclerk, about 55, said that he'd contracted Covid despite "several shots." He said he still had persistent symptoms: months later: Cough and sore joints. I asked, "How do you know those aren't from the shots?" He looked stunned, grim, and scared all in the same expression. Covid drugs are not vaccines by design nor effect: They do not prevent contraction nor transmission. Duh.

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I don't know anyone personally, or even know of second hand, who was has died of Covid, although believe I have it in autumn 2019. But I do know someone personally, and I know of someone as told to me by his sister, who died shortly after getting the vaccine. The first was one of my physicians, who was 66. I had a televisit with him mid-April 2021, and I asked if he was vaccinated, and he said yes with Pfizer. So it must have been within the previous few months because they only really rolled out at the beginning of the year. Exactly 2 months later he died of a blood clot in his neck. Although I discovered he had had quadruple heart bypass surgery 13 years earlier, his PA said that was not related. He other instance is a woman in a doctor waiting room I was speaking to about Covid and the vaccines. She was probably in her 60s and said she and her husband got Covid in October 2019 after returning from Italy. There is another case that corroborates my believe that I had it in mid-September or arly October 2019 also. There were no tests then of course. She said her husband lost his sense of smell for a year. And that her brother, who is diabetic, had just a month earlier--a week after getting the vaccine he became sick, in a week after that he died. She says the hospital said he had Covid. Either he got it because his immune system was weakened right after the vaccine, or they lied about him testing positive, or had bogus test results. If he had been infected before the vaccine, they killed him, because they Pfizer's or the fDA's own warnings say not to give it to an infected person, yet they never tested anybody for Covid before vaccinating.

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Next time just tell Faux News "As a trusted guest, I verified those numbers for you. The numbers are certified as authentic."

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I’m just catching up on articles after a run of shifts and watched the interview....Steve, you are knocking it out of the park!!!!!! The Wayne Root Nuptial statistics parallel what we are seeing in real time and are IMO conservative at that. I also watched your interview with Dr. Cole....another absolute unsung hero who is SPOT ON with exactly what we are seeing clinically. Rest assured that those of us “on the ground” are abundantly grateful for your passion and tenacity, you are doing God’s work for sure🙏.

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Here's our salvo Steve, thanks to Dr. Fleming.


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STEVE - "Open your eyes and see..." the corruption everywhere, and how the rich get richer & the poor & middle class get poorer - THIS IS ALL BY DESIGN. Please wake up, Steve!


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I am sooo superfired up happy to see that you were bold enough to talk about the deaths. Is Brian Kilmead perhaps just not knowledgeable about the truth? Surely Tucker knows the facts. He would have had a better response that Brian did. I read who was on the board of Fox as it retaliated to Trump not receiving news coverage. Does that same group of individuals control VAXX info. I can tell Steve the morning host is a VAXX fan. I thought Brain would WANT to know the truth. He is open to it like he is on history. When he was talking about the VAXX the other day in relationship to send his girls back to college, he mentioned that the sports teams wanted them to be boosted. ON NO! If he got them boosted, it will be a miracle if they have grand babies. It makes me so sad.

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Steve - knowing how the uniparty and the system works now - I’d love to see you explore other issues and truly go “down the rabbit hole”. Covid has done this for me and what I’ve found is incredible.

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I watched the interview in real time which I thought was great. In my opinion, the “can’t verify those numbers” was appropriate as you were responding to his question about “what did you find” and you then spouted off huge, and to many unaware viewers, general numbers of injuries and deaths from these vaccines without stating how you came to that conclusion. It’s only responsible for a journalist to question it. And unfortunately you are only given a few short minutes.

I think you are being overly sensitive since you really own these numbers and know them probably better than anyone. My advice is that you improve your elevator pitch to bring people into this who are just waking up to this “new” reality. It should be looked at as a golden opportunity that you are getting on mainstream tv at all. Don’t waste the chance by assuming everyone is in the same place as your followers.

You are great at this and we need you to make the most of the opportunities you are given. If all you did in response to his question was to say that, “I poured through the CDC and other foreign equivalent databases on Covid case rates, hospitalizations, recoveries, vaccine rates, injuries, deaths from Covid and vaccines, as well as all cause deaths and concluded with respect to the vaccines that…..”. Something like that will change the response you get.

Keep up the fight.

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It is always an uphill battle to tell the truth in times such as we are presently experiencing .Steve Kirsch is doing an excellent job fighting the false narrative.Many thanks.

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I have just seen this - 'On August 10, Fox News gave me a news slot. I wasn’t going to throw away my shot, so I let the cat out of the bag. Will Fox News now check my data? ' so it shows Fox did not have the numbers before the interview.

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