Unrelated to this specific topic - but IMPORTANT:

Please advise RFK Jr to have as much security as possible in Boston on April 19.

Both Trans-tifa and BLM are determined to undermine his announcement.

They can't have a true Patriot getting off to a great start in his campaign - because they know how weak Biden is.

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Where is a link for the mask that does work, p100 or something? Sorry couldn’t find it easily above.

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Fenton: 'intuitively it seems it is less likely that the mask wearer will report having covid symptoms (since they presumably believe wearing the mask avoids catching covid)'

Different people intuit different things. It seems to me that someone who wears a mask all the time will be more Covid-paranoid, and could be more likely to suspect they have symptoms.

My point is that using intuition as part of an argument is not very compelling.

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My summary in two words----"Money talks".

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The CDC still has their “research” on their site “proving” that masking children reduces school spread. As long as it is still up, schools will still use it to oppress children. I find it horrifying we continue to rely on this agency (not me) for factual information, when much of what they publish is just false.


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Mindblowing thread: these smart, educated people actually think masks are keeping them safe from covid and worried about the change in rule on airlines. It's like a rabbit's foot for them.


I bet not a single one has any clue of what the shot they've taken has done to their systems....

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Apr 27, 2022·edited Apr 27, 2022

Steve, Did you see the second study the marines did using the mask you recommended? Great: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/masks-fail-their-latest-test It worked along with another costly mask

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I’m in yet another debate with others about the efficacy of masks. I have provided your research and yet this particular individual supplied this study from Stanford: https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2021/09/surgical-masks-covid-19.html

Have you or your team reviewed this one and if so what were the conclusions?

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Hi, Steve- well written. But I have a couple of things to bring up. I have designed, built, tested, and manufactured masks. I know what they are and what they can do- masks are essentially an air filter, and their design determines how effectively they work for what they are intended for.

Having said that, it is entirely possible for different colored masks to perform differently- whether the different colors have different electrostatic potential, or one color is mechanically "stickier". So this actually shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.

The bigger issue though is that masks not specifically designed for viruses (positive pressure setups with piped in air, wet bath systems which draw incoming air through a pot of liquid, etc) are never going to do anything that matters about a virus. They can never decrease concentration enough to matter.

The biggest issue, which nobody bothers to argue, is that NOBODY has the right to force you to wear or do anything. Our society already surrendered to this totalitarianism decades ago. It is bad enough when the try to prohibit you from doing things for which there is NO public interest.

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The laws of physics actually did change. They changed on Sep 11, 2001 cuz the gubbmint told us they did. (Some might argue they changed even before then -- on Nov 22, 1963.) So, ol' Tony can change his opinion because the laws of physics do change based on any ol' "official story". This includes the "magic bullet" official story, the attacks of Sep 11 official story, the "novel" SARS-CoV2 "virus" official story or slave rags -- er, I mean, masks -- official story. The "laws" of physics change all the time, doncha know?

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Mask wearing was never about stopping contagion. Contagion has never been proven. No one has ever isolated and purified any virus and proven viruses cause disease. Mask wearing is about submission. What troubles me is that so many people rolled over on their backs and peed without so much as a growl.

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"As any of my readers can attest, I have been trying since May 25, 2021 to get anyone from the other side to challenge me and a few of my team members to discuss whether I am spreading misinformation or the truth. Thus far, I have been unable to get anyone to take any of my offers, even with million dollar incentives."

What about your debate with Avi Bitterman?


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This opinion piece from Epoch Times sums it up. The masks are poison. Common sense tells you that but here is the science. https://www.theepochtimes.com/how-dangerous-are-masks-for-children_4408333.html?utm_source=ref_share&utm_campaign=copy&rs=SHRGDKZM&

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Apr 17, 2022·edited Apr 17, 2022

I just travelled by air.

On my first leg of travel home the plane was full and waiting to take off.

Someone passed gas and a little boy kept talking loudly saying Mommy farted.

The woman next to me says to me “ that’s stinky” wearing her N95.

I said “ if you can smell that with your mask on it certainly isn’t protecting you against a tiny aerosol virus “

She just got wide eyed shook her head and didn’t speak to me the rest of the flight.

That was fine with me.

I am going to say it, people are stupid.

Watching the “ mask theatre” in a long day of travel in 3 different airports made me super annoyed.

I could not wait to get home.

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Nice diverse insights/interviews on this masking study. One thing I would add/clarify.

The study reported outcomes for SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence whereas the protocol called for the study of SARS-CoV-2 seroconversion.


From the ClinicalTrials.gov registration of the study:

"This study intends to answer the following research questions: ...

Can community mask-wearing reduce COVID-19 seroconversions?

Can mask wearing reduce COVID-19 seroconversions for the wearer?

Are high-quality cloth or "surgical" masks more effective in reducing COVID-19 seroconversions?"

Seroconversion is a more meaningful outcome than seroprevalence since it discounts pre-existing seropositiivity. No explanation is given in the article for the change to the study.

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