Wake up, everyone! The soul brothers of Mengele are running our Formerly Free World right now.

What happened to the honest doctor in Canada is coming to everyone's doorstep in a New York minute.

We are under siege. This is a war. And so far the other side has won almost every battle.

Billions of people have been injected with a bio-weapon, (according to Dr. Judy Mikovits,) that will sterilize, maim, or kill millions and millions. Actually billions, it would appear.

We frankly do not have the data yet, and will not know the true cost for decades down the road.

Already the carnage is at a least a million people in the U.S., and more likely two million. Perhaps even more.

But it certainly looks like it was designed for exactly what it does making the "hackable animals," (us,) shut down by 65 so that the criminals who stole our retirement, social security and Medicare funds get off, Scott free, and so that our inconvient memories of a Free World and the Rule of Law, vanish.

(The wisdom from long years of experience is something this crowd is frightened of!)

At least all the facts point to that seemingly inescapable conclusion.

Millions of people died because the WHO, Pharma, Gates, Fouci and our Federal Government all lied about Ivermectin, HCQ, Zinc, Zithromax, Budesonide, and Fluvoxamine, (safe and effective) and about Remdesivir and a Vent, (deadly.)

How many human beings will we allow these monsters to slaughter?

How many babies, children and pregnant women will we watch suffer horribly and die, while "the band plays on??"

Now the WHO, who could not get it right in TWO years, much less 2 months, (and which is heavily influenced by Bill Gates, a complete ignoramus on health and a eugenics sociopath to boot,)

will DICTATE to the entire world the "approved" treatments and responses to the next pandemic, which has certainly already been created and is in the wings and ready to be out on center stage, as soon as their legal structure is in place. More toxic shots for you!!

Rebel, rebel, rebel! The time is now!

Steve, you are our Paul Revere!

Dr. Peter McCullough, you remind me of Jefferson, always diligently searching for the truth, with compassion for his fellow man, and with tireless effort, no matter the personal cost.

Dr. Malone, you remind me of John Adams; his intelligence, strength and steadiness,

And RFKjr, the relentless telling of truth to power, your fearlessness and integrity remind me of George Washington. (At his best.)

He didn't want to lead either, but we needed him then, and we need you now.

Please gentlemen, pull together, with Ron Johnson and DeSantis, and every single honest human being you can find, and break the rule of Big Pharma, Big Tech, and their inhuman paymasters ruling our World.

Together we can WIN! Separately we, the human race, literally, may be finished.

And at the end, will it matter whether it was greed and stupidity, or evil intent, that destroyed us?

I think not. The results will be the same.

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Steve, where is 1st qtr 2022 Life Ins Co (One America) reporting on excess deaths... DO YOU KNOW? AND why not follow up on MORE embalmer stories, use your private JET and go to their Funeral Homes, VIDEO yourself the CORPSES being cut open exposing the MASSIVE CLOTS (and take a WSJ, Wash Post, or other news team like 60 Minutes with you for hands on eye witness reporting).

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There's quite the epidemic of "coincidences" going around these days, eh?

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I read that this turnover to WHO was already signed, sealed and delivered. Lawyer Todd Callender said this on America Out loud podcast with Dr Vliet from AZ. I'll see if I can share a link

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I have a former coworker who is Czech and lives in the Czech Republic. I asked him 1 month ago what things were like over there with the invasion of Ukraine, and he had nothing to say about it. His primary concern was this WHO treaty and implementation of vaccine passports in Europe. Laws mean nothing without some sort of enforcement mechanism. The city where I work had a mask mandate for months, but the police didn't enforce it. I empathize with people who are still living under covid tyranny, and I'm very happy to live in Alabama, the least vaxed and boosted state.

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The Yahoo article doesn't make mention outside of foot blisters

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does this mean someone is admitting that the World Health Organizations pandemic response plan (which only Sweden followed [in part]} is much better than what countries did?

Does this mean China and Russia will also be obedient to WHO policy?

Are there WHO guidelines on entry/exit protocols to biolabs around the world? Will the WHO have a representative at every high level lab? Is the WHO critical of Fauci's recommendations on pandemic response?

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I don't believe in coincidence! But I do believe these are the worst crimes against humanity in my lifetime!

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Apr 10, 2022·edited Apr 10, 2022

On the WHO Treaty, the motive to cede sovereignty is simple. By doing this national politicians avoid (i) the blame for unpopular measures that they outsourced to a supranational entity (i.e. their re-election chances are not impacted) and (ii) having to justify themselves before democratically elected bodies like Parliaments and so (i,e, none of that bothersome accountability stuff).

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Thank you Steve...Thank you massive. To watch what you and Malone have done since that day on The DarkHorse....is just fantastic.

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On the WHO treaty. I was freaking out about this but I read that any treaty that goes against our constitutional rights is considered null and void. No treaty can take away our rights. The first 8 amendments cannot be taken away from us with any treaty as they are God given and protected under constitution. Treaty is supreme to constitution but if such treaty infringes on our rights it’s null and void. The fonders wrote it into the constitution. Those guys thought of everything.

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The psych med wrecked doctor... seems Canada is already in full Soviet mode. That was one of their favorite tools.

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WHO - William Henry's Omnipotence

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Apr 9, 2022·edited Apr 9, 2022

I’m not advocating violence But, All this talk of expecting to overcome a violent regime that occupies all positions of influence and power with non-violence is an absurdity.

Our forefathers is a prime example. Even the second coming of Our Lord is going to be met with severe wrath and violence against all enemies.

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First: CA election are wrought with election fraud and have been for decades. That is how Democrats get selected not elected in CA. They also take the top 2 vote getters not the top Republican and top Democrat vote getters. So if 2 Democrats get the most votes then 2 Democrats run against each other in the general election. Ballot harvesting and a bunch of other election fraud maneuvers keep the Democrats in power.

Second: Treaties must be voted on by the US Senate. We cannot enter into a treaty without a vote from the Senate. The WHO expects to have the countries that sign on (and the US will surely sign on) do what is necessary in their own country to make this a legal agreement and they hope to finish this by 2024. If implemented the WHO (a communist organization) can call a pandemic if one person in the Tibetan mountains sneezes and yes it will override our Constitution. I have written about this in my own Substack for weeks now. I attended a ZOOM meeting about a month ago and there was a presentation on this Treaty by a doctor. I think it is time for us to buy an island and start all over. This country has finally made it to the dark side.

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