Correlation isn't causation. Third person accounts aren't reliable. Get back to me when you've got the actual stats from the union. The same claim was made about American Airlines and that was quickly debunked.

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Remember the same people who tell us we have atomic weapons also tell us the jab is safe and effective

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It’s very interesting and we must not accept things at face value especially these days if you look at those old black-and-white videos of the legend atomic weapons blowing up houses and trees in this and that and the other thing close examination will show you they’re all fake they’re models, not real houses, not real tree . If you look at the blast from the airplane over Hiroshima and pay close attention you will see two mushroom clouds not one . But I thought only one atomic bomb was dropped on that city where did the other mushroom cloud come from? Firebombs! If you look at the aftermath of both Nagasaki and Hiroshima were both clearly devastated by bomb(s) you can see that every house or building that was made of wood was completely burned to cinders yet many many many structures that were made of concrete were left standing how is this possible if it were ian atomic weapon ? Only firebombs would discriminate between wood and concrete

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I am a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant. I am willing to hand out flyers for free and carrying a petition for signatures regarding the FAA investigate Covid vaccine injuries and deaths. Please email them to me with instructions on how to return them to you.

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People must be held accountable!

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Before you accept the claim, ask the pilot for evidence and confirmed numbers. "I think" is not acceptable.

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If Southwest is similar to the airline I work for, the mandates were halted because the number of pilots AND flight attendants unvaccinated far exceeded the number management thought they could get vaccinated before the deadlines. Our company changed the date of Nov 25 (roughly) to January 4 so there wouldn't be a holiday disruption. A 10% termination in pilots and/or flight attendants would have been incredibly disruptive. The approximite data showed our pilots were still not vaxxed about 28 - 32%. That's huge in itself. What was more incredible was the flight attendant data was approximitely 42%. You definitely can't run an airline with at least 1/3 of your airline being terminated.

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HOW HORRIFIC for pilots and passengers! In January 2022

I flew to Nashville, TNN from Orange County Cali. Then in June

back to Cali. Both planes were fully loaded. There was some

turbulence during the last trip. When landing the pilot announced

that they were glad that they made it. Now I know what he might

have really meant. Sigh. What SANE government permits THIS?

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I am an A320 captain. I have seen things happen personally to friends and colleagues of mine. I don’t want to be paid. I don’t want to hand out flyers. I want my vaccinated friends to stop dying.

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Yeah I don't need 5 bucks. We need the truth told.

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I don’t need to be paid.

Collecting signatures and door-knocking is something I did for months of weekends to get a good anti-mandate candidate elected (whew!) to our State Assembly.

One thing I am planning to do is go to the airport to hand out your flyers to the airlines’ personnel.

I haven’t done it yet due to unexpected Life 101 problems/issues that cropped up very suddenly and most unexpectedly. But the (small) task remains on my Must Do list.

I’m a pleased member of the informal Kirsch Army Brigade. So what little I can do, I want to do.

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Senator Ron Johnson has written to the Federal Aviation Administration to ask about recent changes to how pilots are screened for specific heart conditions. He is concerned about the risk this may pose to the safety of passengers.

Within the letter some concerning statistics are revealed. A whistle-blower from the Department of Defense (DoD) provided him with data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database which showed the following numbers of disease and injuries in DoD pilots:

• 2016 - 265

• 2017 - 252

• 2018 - 164

• 2019 - 223

• 2020 - 2194

• 2021 - 2861

• 2022 - 4059

According to reports there are 36,000 DoD pilots, which means these numbers represent 20-25% of all military pilots injured in recent years.

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How do you respond to this. It’s what someone posted on fb when I put your article on.


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I've read it, yet that's a better link than what I had b/c mine was a download. Thanks for including it for everyone and please stop in for the latest on 2/4/23 when we speak on Twitter spaces:


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Will you pay my legal bills when the TSA hauls me off for handing out petitions in the airport? They may not have that authority but of course they will do it anyway.

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Yes I would love to participate!!!

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