Steve was it you who was looking for a university connected person on epidemiology? My grand daughter is at FSU and she is doing her Masters in this and teaching as an adjunct. She also works for the Florida Health Dept. I went to send this to her and I couldn’t find it. She may be interested.

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Thank you so much Steve!!! The piano riff alone was worth listening to. The energies and wisdom in the link are amazing!

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this has a great poem read by Tess Lawrie. A great thing to share!

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liked, saved, shared even, but my life has been chaotic enough that i have not been able to view most of it, so far... but I still plan to

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It's nice to see all these people working against the COVID tyranny. I am truly grateful. There was a lot of good information presented from everyone. Steve has rock solid data that they cannot answer to, which is why their universal policy seems to be to simply not talk about any of it. Any rational person should realize there is no data to support taking the vaccines.

Dr. Peter McCullough did a superb job ticking most of the boxes. You can say he ticked every box around his area of academic expertise.

I believe the pandemic fraud goes beyond what both Steve and Dr. McCullough are comfortable with. But their contributions are powerful, concise and necessary. I am grateful for all that they are doing to end this nightmare.

I love the Brownstone Institute and what they are doing and I am grateful for their contributions as well.

Remember what we are fighting against. The NWO, the WEF. Remember their goals:

Tal Zaks, "we are hacking into the software of life.

Klaus Schwaub: You will own nothing and like it

WEF Klaus Schwaub top advisor Yuval Noah Harari:

Humans are hackable animals - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRk3Wq9M1vI

“We will become gods”

“God Is Dead, It’s Just Taking a While To Get Rid of the Body”

"Human Beings Are 'Hackable Animals'—Free Will Is 'Over':"

Knowing the WEF/NWO objectives, what role does SARS CoV-2, the genetic sequence have in the overall scheme?

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Couldn’t get it to play

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Well done.

Just wondering Steve, when you flew SW and offered money for mask removal. Did you ask the pilot is he was unvac'd?

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Excellent lectures, and love Shannon Joy (especially her NY accent!)

Thank you Steve for working tirelessly.

I keep trying to alert family who still refuses to ask one question about my decision not to get it, they just don't want to know. But others are more open.

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Excellent lectures by all presenters on a range of subjects related to COVID at the Summit for Truth and Wellness. What I would like to see is a bibliography of the over 1000 papers referred to by Dr. Peter McCullough on the harmful effects of the COVID shots on human health. Dr. McCullough and other speakers referred to some these publications but they can be hard to find using search engines such as Google that appear to be actively censoring COVID "vaccine" related research. The science is exploding but being ignored for the most part by governments and public "health" officials in the US and western nations. But this tsunami of honest science is building and starting to crash onto the Fake Narratives, Fake Science and Deadly Lies propagated by governments, Big Pharma, WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci, Bill Gates, WEF, and every health and medical system throughout the western world and beyond. The dam has broken despite a massive effort to plug the leaks and the tsunami of truth is going to take down the entire medical establishment, both public and private, not to mention just about every government at all levels in the western world. We are witnessing the Great Retribution and there will be no amnesty for those who committed these Crimes Against Humanity.

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Really good presentation, from both you and Peter.

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Thanks Steve. The slides are excellent.

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Thank you Steve!

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I was at the conference and you did a great job. I separated out your talk into the attached video. (With a little light editing to take care of slide problems)


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Thanks Steve for the links to this valuable information and for all that you are doing to end this horrific nightmare.

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Great work. Thank you both.

With the opposite view supported with statistics, evidence, research and justification, poor "experts" will have no excuse that they didn't know. Tragically, those who received the vaccines became part of the experiment and many of them numbers of the statistics.

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