The claim that no officials in Colorado, Mead County, the DA etc has looked into the Tina Peters claims is inaccurate. The DA for that district has looked into them very explicitly. Here is his report:

https://1drv.ms/b/s!AqrGFD_Eai2yidcUFbKZ4xwVoCAG5A?e=ZuHE37 (my non-editable copy with highlights showing the key claims at issue)

https://wp-cpr.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2022/05/Summary-of-findings-and-conclusions-of-Report-3.pdf (the version on line)


And here is the report that Jeff O'Donnell prepared and refers to in the Selection Code. This is MUCH clearer and more specific that what either he or Walter Daugherty says in the film.

https://1drv.ms/b/s!AqrGFD_Eai2yidcV0-3UrVcVHFbV7Q?e=G1sMW2 (my copy with highlights)

https://freedomforce.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/mesa-forensic-report-3-signed1.pdf (what I found on line via a Steve Bannon interview)

And here is my summary of the issue (repeating my comment made 6 hrs ago) :


Much easier to understand than (S)election Code is the actual report done by the two experts featured in it: mesa-forensic-report-3. It is also clear and very persuasive. HOWEVER, the DA has issued this equally persuasive and detailed report on that one: summary-of-findings-and-conclusions-of-report-number-3. It directly contradicts the absolutely essential claim made by the experts (actually only by Jeff O'Donnell, not Walter Daugherty) that all of the election workers strongly deny that the system was stopped and restarted during the count. The DA states that they all deny they were even interviewed by O'Donnell, except for Tina Peters's Back Office Elections Manager, Sandra Brown. She refuses to answer on advice of counsel. But video surveillance shows Sandra Brown alone in the counting office room, having sent the rest on break, and apparently stopping and restarting the count machine. As all parties agree, this would have had the effect of producing a second set of the databases. And it is those differing sets of two databases that are the evidence of nefarious manipulation according to O'Donnell, the younger of the two experts seen together in the (S)election film, and the one most quoted. So settling this disagreement between the two extensive reports on what happened would be dispositive. My reading is that the DA has it right. O'Donnell may be the victim of a simple CYA story that Brown told him and that he did not bother to check out with the other election workers. But the report does state that "Mesa country personnel are very clear that they did nothing of the sort," referring to "stop and restart adjudication."

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The two comments you lifted for us are spot-on in regards to Tina. Having said that, she's just one of those "regular people" who got involved in a complicated and, therefore, confusing set of circumstances, spoke her mind, and now is being unmercifully punished for it. What her state's election commission in concert with a prosecutorial abuse intent exercised by its Colorado Department of Law is doing to her is unspeakable. Speak up and you will be punished is the norm these days. Unfortunately, she's not a good speaker to begin with and she's understandably emotional. She's facing some serious prison time. Not sure how this is going to go down for her. She seems like a nice enough person.

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Call Mike Lindell. Even better - have Mike connect you with Douglas Frank out of Cincinnati Ohio.


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As Steve is known for being a great inventor, I would like to ask, if he'd consider designing open systems to help elections? Like calculators or punch card sorting machines for printed ballots, open source hardware that's built, tested, and maintained by common people; Define a standard that addresses the issues in practical terms.

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Similar issues were documented before as "Fraction Magic"


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Have you seen this recent news?


Pennsylvania County Sues Dominion Voting Systems for 'Unauthorized Python Script' & 'Foreign IP Address'


The report alleges that Fulton County’s log files show “an external IP address” located in Quebec, Canada, and that an unauthorized “python script” had been installed after the certification date.

Moreover, the system’s security patch had not been updated since April 10, 2019, and default usernames and passwords had not been changed since the time of installation.

The report says, "This python script can exploit and create any number of vulnerabilities including, external access to the system, data export of the tabulations, or introduction of other metrics not part of or allowed by the certification process."

What’s more, this “external IP address” was found on the very same adjudication workstation that contained the “post certification python script”.


I also highly suggest Kanekoa's own investigation into Konnech and other issues dealing with voting integrity:


as well as collected reporting of other news:


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Steve, you are a good journalist.

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Thankyou for revealing this again and also including the thoughtful and unbiased comments regarding Tina

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Sep 21, 2022·edited Sep 21, 2022

The 36 wireless devices --I'm curious what these were and how they connected. Is it possible one of these devices (maybe 36 for redundancy but only one connects at a time) creates a rogue hotspot that connects with the tabulation server? Maybe like USB WIFI dongles? The nano usb wifi dongles are the size of small usb jump drives -- not pencil lead thin.

Honestly, they're using Microsoft technology which is the least secure software. Why don't they put the tabulation server in the middle of a public street while they're at it.

I found the part about how easy it would be to connect to the EMS network starting on pg. 76. It also says there were 35 devices with the DVS-supplied equipment that had a built-it wireless card or device installed. So it sounds like these were spread across multiple systems/devices and anyone could have been leveraged for an attack.


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Hey Steve, check out Patrick Byrne's Rumbles regarding Fulton County, Pa.

The government is suing Dominion and has found things on its machines similar to what Tina Peter's has found.


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Thank you for all of your efforts and hard work on the COVID vax debacle. Also, thank you for shedding light on Election Integrity to your followers. Many of the frustrations, attacks and censorship that the medical community is fighting is also happening on the election integrity front. Please consider reaching out to Capt. Seth Keshel and interviewing him on his intelligence analysis on elections (national and state by state). His analyses is based on open-source information and independently corroborates 2000 mules findings.

Capt. Seth Keshel's Substack if you would like to take a peek:


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I'm not familiar with the Selection Code and all that, but I do think these general rules and guidelines make a lot of sense. Great job. Whenever a person embraces a theory that counters the mainstream narrative, it really helps to be *more* persuasive, careful in reasoning, patient and just plain likable as a personality.

As a general rule, anyone who argues for a so-called "fringe" theory should try really hard to avoid becoming an unreasonable, bloviating, rude, screaming, angry voice that cannot answer questions in an honest and factual way. Such behaviors do not persuade.

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In reply to your ‘keep in mind’ commenters’ criticism, let’s also keep in mind that the candidate who beat her vote total in the recent SoS primary election by 70,000 votes didn’t even move the needle in the pre-election polls and raised only 4 figures of campaign funds compared to Tina’s 6 or 7 figure campaign chest and poll leading numbers. His 70,000 supporters could not be found on his Twitter or FB account either. Oh, and he didn’t win, but the gal who did? Well she took the Zucker money in 2020. Colorado is a mirror of the corrupt national election system; it stinks, and if you think we’re going to “take back the house and senate” with this kind of thing going on in November, you’re sadly mistaken. So, critical commenters, go ahead and diss the only chance you had to veer away from the iceberg of total domination by the left in your MJ-smoke filled state. Choke on it once more until there’s nobody left to Heimlich you.

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Steve, I watched the Tina Peter's video. It was very informative but I have been aware of a lot of what Tina mentioned because I have been following her for a long time. Colorado is so corrupt!! Bannon's show is such a great place to see and find facts. It seemed you were a little taken aback by some of Tina's information. It seemed some of Tina's information showed doubt on your face. I hope you do more research to find her truth. Just think of everyone on the left who don't know or won't want to know more of the truth about what Tina has been through. Such a nice and informative video. Your Covid information is great reading and truthful. Thank you for informing me more. We, the right, have so far to go to get America back to normal. We must vote November 8 to change this horrible direction.

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Unlike many who shamelessly ignore their sworn oaths of office, Clerk Tina Peters has unwaveringly fulfilled her sworn duties despite the mercyless lawfare by those in Colorado who don't want the corrupt system to change. Yet, the evidence is there for all to see. The legal fees for Peters are staggering, while the state has limitless funding, thanks to the taxpayers and out of state sources. Go to her site and help if you can.

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