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Anyone who challenges the narrative that the vaccines are safe and effective will have their Twitter account suspended sooner or later. They removed everything with no notice and no chance of appeal.

My final post was warning people about prion disease caused by the vaccines

On November 24, 2021, I posted a message warning people about prion disease that is clearly being caused by the vaccine. I checked this in VAERS myself before doing the post. It’s worse than Jessica wrote. There is no debate about that. Zero. My post was labeled misleading. There is no possible way the post was misleading.

You can read Jessica’s article here, it’s excellent. I’m proud to have tweeted her work. I have no regrets. It was the right thing to do, even if it got me killed.

What Twitter did

I joined Twitter in May 2009. Here’s what Twitter did to me on November 24, 2021:

  1. Removed all my content. Thousands of tweets over 12 years now gone forever with no notice. They wouldn’t even let me download an archive of my data.

  2. Removed all of my 75K followers.

  3. Removed everyone that I followed. .

  4. Removed every direct conversation. All my DMs are gone.

The lesson is: truth is not a defense. Truth doesn’t matter anymore. If you don’t follow the government narrative, you will be silenced. If you see people being killed, keep your mouth shut and follow orders.

You don’t get an appeal either. Judgement is rendered and the punishment is doled out all without your involvement.

Twitter basically did the same thing that hospitals do to you if you speak out against the vaccine: they fire you.

We are now living in a new America where people who speak the truth are silenced

I never thought I would see the day in America where truth is silenced and nobody in authority is going to come to your rescue. I’m sure there are celebrating my twitter demise.

I was sentenced without a fair trial, or even a chance to be heard.

I get it. They can’t debate me, so they make sure to silence me. Robert Malone will be next.

And Twitter is just the start. This is going to happen more and more in American society.

Four things you can do if you want to protest my removal

  1. Subscribe on substack. It is FREE to subscribe. Another option: subscribe with a paid subscription (only $5/mo or $50/yr). This supports our work to get the word out about vaccine safety. 100% of subscription revenue is donated to the cause.

  2. Encourage all your friends to subscribe on substack.

  3. Stop using Twitter and move to Gab. Now. It’s the right thing to do. Vote with your feet. Please do not support a platform that censors the truth and can eliminate you without notice. Become a premium member of Gab and support platforms that don’t censor. You can follow me there. It works just like twitter, but you can have longer messages, fancier formatting, and you can edit your Gabs if you make an error. After you’ve set up shop on Gab, encourage your friends to follow you there. The UX is very very very similar to Twitter, so no learning curve.

  4. Follow me on Gab: stkirsch and/or Telegram.

My last action before I was removed

Here was my last action when I was notified of the suspension. I wanted to let people know about the human rights abuse in Australia. The tweet never got sent. Twitter was just not letting me share this stunning abuse of human rights (the video was of Australians protesting that they are being physically forced to take the vaccine).