Read this article and you'll see that it doesn't matter if his friends climbed rocks or jumped out of airplanes. There is a ton of evidence out there. Just look for it!

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But /how/ did Wayne’s guests die and get injured? Maybe they all loved sky diving or rock climbing or hand gliding and some were killed or injured during their activities.

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In one way I WISH this was true. All the good people I know are unjabbed and some of the worst people I've ever dealt with are all on their 4rd and 5th jabs. (But they are truly wicked people so perhaps I'm not remsis to hope the awful truth about the jab is for real) For example two horrible abusive ex boyfriends BOTH somehow ended up in advertising at different agencies under the same umbrella of a huge global healthcare advertising company. One handled the messaging campaign for the actual mfking UN. (Yes the UN hires ad agencies) HE hates humanity and was very happy that the pandemic shut down cities in Europe because it "helped clean up the earth" Dated them years apart, in different cities, and they don't know each other. Truly odd that such awful men end up PUSHING the jab in their own way. But they willfully were jabbed over and over from what I've seen. (peeking at thei linkedin profiles since the pandemic started) Wait and see I guess.

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They have 66 CDC vaccination doses for every child by the age of five. The average age of childhood cancer is age six. They've been poisoning our children for years. And please DO NOT bring up polio. That was a con job too. In 1960, it was discovered that the monkey kidney cells used to make the Salk polio vaccine could cause cancer. Americans were not told about this, and between 1955 and 1963, nearly 100 million children were given this contaminated vaccine. Although the cells were removed from polio vaccines in 1963, scientists around the world continue to identify them in human brain, bone and lung cancers of children and adults. Because of sanitation, sewers, clean water, and refrigeration, by the 50s polio had been eradicated LONG before the polio vaxx came out.

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Welcome to the world of vaccinations. We've been fighting them for 30 years.

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join the FB group "Died Suddenly" if you want a torrent of heartbreaking "anecdotes"

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Aug 20, 2022·edited Aug 20, 2022

Quick but true anecdote for you. My grandfather got his jab in louisiana, one of the mrna vaccines im not sure which. Anyways he died in his sleep that night. Was a very huge shock since for his age he was in quite good health. RIP Franklin Pearce. Also my brother developed a heart condition that was noticed about 2 weeks after his job made him get the vaccine, I'm not privvy to all his procedures but i do know they had to give him a lifevest so that he could make it until his surgery (though he still has issues after the treatments)

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Taken from the account.

Wayne Root reported that 33/200 guests at his wedding who are now sick or dead were all vaccinated. The punchline: at least half his guests were unvaccinated. So that’s unexplainable. He wrote: “It’s important to note, I’m a conservative talk show host who has warned LOUDLY of the dangers of the vaccine since day one. So, my friends are overwhelmingly conservative and unvaccinated too. Yet the few friends I know who did choose to vaccinate are almost all dead or ill.” And he said, “Among my friends and family who are unvaccinated, not one of them has died or been sick since my wedding eight months ago.”

He saw this, knew this. And I read the same thing many times.

The unpoisoned, or unjabbed have a fully functioning immune system.

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Ha ha, 33/200 .... that famous 33 number the freemasons use all the time

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Some of the responses were obvious troll responses, such as #958 with "342,604 unvaxxed dead" and "0 vaxxed dead" and #959, the "yacht accident" response, which were probably from the same troll. There were also some obviously incorrect entries, such as the #857, which had 12 jabbed deaths among 1 total jabbed, probably having entered the figures in the wrong places.

It was hard to tell if some other responses that had very high percentages of the and dead were legit. But then, a person with an elderly social circle could have a high percentage of the deaths among them. So, I did 2 sorts: one to filter out the obvious troll responses, and another more conservative sort to get a sense of the more typical responses with the outliers removed.

The most inclusive filtering of the results, tossing out just the zero figures, obviously incorrect entries, and those reporting 90% or nearly so among 10 or more of the jabbed or unjabbed, found about 20X the death rate and 30X the injury rate among the jabbed as of yesterday (August 15, 2022).

The more conservative filtering of the results, tossing out those with greater than 10% of total deaths or fishy looking extreme numbers of the jabbed or unjabbed deaths, came up with a factor of about 20X for the jabbed to unjabbed deaths and 25X for injuries.

So, the figures came out pretty consistent, however inclusive or conservative the filtering to cull troll and questionable entries.

Of course, given the forum this is on, the matter of selective attention is a valid consideration.

What I'd really like to see is analysis of medical records of people of similar ages and baseline health conditions, especially those with no significant comorbidities. That would be most telling.

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this is completely invalid reasoning. Here's why:

1. If "majority of my social circles" are unvaccinated, but

2. Some of them are vaccinated, then

3. It stands to a reason that those vaccinated, have had GOOD REASON (at least PERCEIVED, perhaps WRONGLY, but nonetheless) to vaccinate - aka, a serious underlying health condition, advanced age, frail, etc.

4. Thus, it is CLEARLY a "self-selecting sample" phenomenon, and CANNOT be used for ANY generalizations

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Wayne’s been sounding the alarm for quite some time. His efforts have been met with every vile untruth that has become the new Amerikan CommunoFascist standard. “ White Supremacist”,”Anti-Vaxxer “,”Flat Earther”,”Far right wing conspiracy theorist”,”anti-science”misogynist”,”homophobe”,”racist”,”Fascist/Putin Puppet/Nazi/Far Righr Fundamentalist White Christian Pariarchal Imperiast/Anti-Immigrant Xenophobe Nativist/ Genocidal Anti-Semite”.Nevermind that Root is the Jewish son of immigrants who fled Nazi and Soviet persecution and is pro real science, human rights, equality, freedom, opportunity world peace and the ability for all Americans to achieve what we once called The American Dream.

Ergo, he is the enemy. Anybody daring to question authority is now guilty of treason.

This should frighten and activate EVERY American of every stripe. Once icons of the left who have dared challenged “ The Man” are now “ Enemies Of The State”. The subject of hideous invectives, mockery, accusation, threats, cancellation and personal destruction. Naomi Wolf,Jonathan Turley,Zuhdi Jasser,Lara Logan,Vivek Ramaswami,Julian Assange,Krystal Ball,Bill Maher,Bill Binney,Chris Rock,Dave Chappelle,Eric Clapton,Joe Rogan, Glenn Greenwald,Kim Iversen, Jeffrey Tucker,Bret Weinstein,Bari Weiss,Russell,Brand,Eliot Musk,Asra Nomani,Leo Terrell, Neal Oliver,Dave Rubin,Michael Yeardon,Jimmy Dore,Aaron Rodgers, Kyrie Irvin,RFK Jr, Lex Fridman,Majid Nawaz,Salman Rushdie,Charles Ortleb,Andrew Yang,Peter Navarro,Tulsi Gabbard,Matt Taibbi,Drs Malone,Risch,Ladapo,McCullough,Mercola,Mikovits,Hatfill,Smith,- the oddly timed deaths of Drs.Montagnier /Mullis/Robert Epstein’s wife…. Hardly “ Right Wingers” , but have had enough of the lies, propaganda,abuse of power and totalitarianism, daring to ditch partisanship for the pursuit of truth and integrity have been relegated to the trash heap.Along with anybody advocating for the preservation of humanity and free speech.

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I just don't know how to prove my hypothesis? Here it is: you, and all of us have our own specific, unique immune system, extremely sensitive. The

vaccines are an artificial, man-made 'one size fits all' alternative immune system. I believe when the artificial immune system 'takes over', yours

backs off, backs down, not required. Only somehow it looks like the artificial 'immune system', which, btw, doesn't last long, suppresses, maybe more

than suppresses your own immune system.

It's a bit like organic vs. inorganic farming. Organic soil is packed full of

all kinds of micro- organisms, worms, all working away. Inorganic soil

doesn't have any since the man-made chemicals do everything.

The organisms, worms aren't needed, and the chemicals are toxic to them:

they all leave, never return.

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