What happens if Israel fails the stress test?

Got a private email from Geert Vanden Bossche. I'm sharing it with my followers on substack with his permission.

Here’s the email Geert sent on November 4, 2021 unedited to a few of his friends. I’m hoping that people will have finally figured this out and be telling their governments where to inject the next dose.

Geert has called this correctly from the very start of the vaccination program. It would be wise to listen to what he has to say. We are running out of time as parents rush to “protect” their children.

Remember my article on ‘What happens if Israel fails the stress test? ‘

As I said, all you need to do is to watch Israel….I am sure it started…

Is this the beginning of the next wave? – Yes;

Is this one going to be an even more serious one? – Yes

Is it going to spare vaccinees? – No, on the contrary

Will a further debate on 4th dose be required? I guess, this time around the people will finally tell ‘them’ where to put the next dose…

Unfortunately, HUGE damage has already been inflicted. I am serious. Vaccinating children is just going to turn the roles upside down and sufficiently tip the balance to allow the virus to exert natural selection pressure on innate host immunity. It may be better not to translate this in laymen terms…

The next countries on the list for a similar scenario are not necessarily those with highest vaccine coverage rates but those with fast/ aggressive implementation of mass vaccination (and will now do 3rd boost + kids!!)…we all know which countries we’re talking about…

Public & Global Health authorities have largely underestimated

  1. the evolutionary capacity of the virus when put under widespread positive immune selection pressure

  2. the dramatic suppression of the host’s innate immune capacity when put under widespread viral infectious pressure

A catastrophe can only be mitigated by mass chemoprophylaxis of an effective antiviral (6-8w) and early multidrug treatment.

Indeed, we MUST bring down the infectious pressure and MUST treat those whose innate immune system is (durably) suppressed by the vaccines.

Declining this is no longer a mistake but a crime.

Africa will win.

I am truly devastated and heartbroken when I think what we’re up to…