Wonder why Damar is a keynote speaker in HIMSS. Path to changing the cause of the incident to the mainstream narrative?

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So glad Damar is still alive, at least on this stack.

I'm in UK, I know absolutely nothing about American football but really want to know the outcome of this mystery.

Keep Damar's Memory Alive! At least until we find out the real truth.

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Damar is either worm meat or on 78654 tubes. Why they trotted a fake dude at the game and then did a deepfake video is beyond me. Just making more of a mess covering it up. He will never have a live interview and he will mysteriously die of complications. Jesus people are gullible. They were trained to take the clot shot and take statins, why not believe the media narrative about a vegetable somehow being able to walk without any tubes or oxygen after being dead for 10 minutes…lol

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Damar Hamlin's collapse is done and dusted. Everyone can see him getting hit before he collapsed. That's as direct as it gets, Steve. Move on already


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The question of whether Hamlin is alive has not been answered. Technology exists to create virtual fantasy - there are hundreds of billions of dollars at stake, perhaps trillions over the next ten years. If you still have an open mind, see this video, assess questions it raises (not religious questions - but the technological and surrounding circumstantial questions raised) ... Hamlin could very well be deceased. We simply have no proof of life and there are reasonable doubts not yet put to rest. to save time, view at 1.75x normal speed. https://www.bitchute.com/video/LriqhFDkCpUK/

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” quote from a well known psychopath from the last century.

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I'm repeating a comment I read somewhere.

Has the NFL ever cancelled a game for an injury before?

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My friend is a US citizen but lives abroad - I don't know if that makes any difference.

For what it's worth, I think Damar Hamlin very probably has cardiac injury from the V. I don't currently feel I have enough info to make the call as to whether is still with us, although there was another video of him yesterday which looked a lot more normal than the weird hooded one. But I don't think that the Search Quarry death records is a sufficiently reliable source of info as others have observed the same as I have.

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Meanwhile businesses are instituting digital poison vax self reporting/tracing systems. Complete with weekly proven tests, complete vax, booster records with reminders. Data systems that can be easily ramped up into passports or social credit systems.

The cockroaches just wont stop. See uk's blair talking to Bourla Mengele at wef davos 2023 and Indonesia's Sadikin at the G20. Even as the medical evidence evaporates, they keep pushing the neoslavery.

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0% vaccine injury because commotio cordis is unrelated to vaccines!

McCullough is not a top-cited cardiologist.

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I care and pray about everyone. I go to Mass daily (6:30 a.m), sometimes twice a day (of course at

another church), and spend several hours a day praying the rosary for the salvation of all. I volunteer regularly to help the poorest of the poor. Not only in finance, but in love, i.e., juggling, magic, balloon sculpting and many other"things."

When I help the homeless here in Nagoya from Mikokoro, I'm at the last station, giving warm chicken

to all. I hold their cold, right hand, with my warm right hand at Christmas. That human touch for

them is much more valuable than the food they've received at the other 12 stations. Sometimes

they "double up" and go to the back of the line for more, but I pretend I don't see them.

Here are my best memories of of the orphans here in Nagoya. There are "rich" orphanages and poor

orphanages. I fundraise yearly so that the orphans can have their Christmas wish. Many of the kids

just want socks without holes in them, shoes that aren't falling apart, or undershirts that aren't

tearing at the seams. By the grace of God and others who have resources, we fulfill their dreams.

If we were allowed to post pics here, you'd cry your eyes out.

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Praise be to God, Damar is alive. I'll gladly eat humble pie, and actually really, really enjoy it knowing Damar is alive. The PA DB scrubbed his death. I have screenshots of Damar Hamlin's Death in PA for backup. Not sure how it got entered there in the first place. I've always had absolutely no hesitation being the "village idiot" when great news like this happens. Praise be to God.

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excellent. so much new information revealed. it's still hard to red-pill. one friend argued with me this past week that PCR tests and masks are necessary. ugh. But I feel there is progress on my part as I become more and more confidant with data and verifiable information. I use a different tactic with each person. She actually listened to what I had to say. Also, I was able to break through to three more people this past week. not giving up.

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Athletes seem to be dropping faster than flies, but is it just selection or confirmation bias because we're looking for it? It's hard to get world wide data for all athletes, but I was able to get it for the NFL through 2022. In the past 20 years, the average number of deaths of current and former NFL players under age 65 was 31.2. In 2021 there were 47 and in 2022 there were 41. There was never more than 38 deaths in the 18 years prior to the vaccines.

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Steve -- the “100%” statement is at 36:25 in this somewhat choppy in spots video. And here is a video by Damar, apparently alive: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cn-hfT0vhBH

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Very interesting interview.

Hamlin discussion — 100% certainty 37:26 that Hamlin’s injury was vaccine induced cardiac arrest.

22:22 The FAA official wouldn’t comment when asked why they wouldn’t investigate a pilot dying mid-flight.

The first time I noticed this pattern of not commenting, not speaking was in Joe Biden debates with Donald Trump. The 2002 midterm elections featured a couple of candidates who refused to debate, one of which was Katie Hobbs in AZ. All of the cases where candidates refusing to debate ended in wins with evident voter fraud.

Now we see the pattern here in COVID regarding the injections and adverse events. All the authority figures who should be compelled to answer questions are simply refusing to acknowledge the problem. It’s as if they are compromised in some way, and their fear is greater toward the forces compelling them than it is toward facing the law.

22:30 (roughly around here). Steve asks the FAA regarding a pilot dying mid flight, “Why aren’t you investigating this!!!!”

Why didn’t Joe Biden or Katie Hobbs even try to debate, or try to campaign?

It’s all tied together…. It’s in your face. It’s rules for thee and not for me. It’s an agenda that’s being shamelessly ramrodded down our throats.

42:00 Peter said the NFL was paid a lot of money to push the vaccines, and once 95% of the league was vaccinated they stopped pushing them. The reason the NFL wouldn’t call cardiologist Peter McCullough for Hamlin’s heart attack was because they don’t want anyone implicating the vaccines. (That’s roughly summarized.)

47:00 Only Ron Johnson is willing to investigate this…. This goes back to a fatally flawed Supreme Court ruling Citizens United v FEC which granted Corporations unlimited campaign funding. Why should a Corporation be able to outspend the average citizen? Why should they have a voice at all. This fatally flawed decision has usurped the voice of the people. The entire Constitution was framed around the bedrock principles of a Government for the people and by the people. This is impossible when billions of dollars are flowing from Corporations into our representatives pockets.

Our entire government is corrupted by these NGO and Corporate money/money laundering schemes. From our Senators, Representatives down through our bureaucracies, they are unprincipled, serving the dollar over the will of the people.

47:45 Peter— back to Damar Hamlin. The NFL starts the mandates in August of 2021. He’s in training camp. I guarantee he had to take shot 1 in August, shot 2 in September, then he’s playing. 2021, they have a pretty good season. They go into the post season hyped. I know because I’m a Bills fan. So they get into the post season and they’re still under the mandate so he had to take a booster somewhere around January or February of 2022. And so we’re looking at 3 shots right there. In March of 2022 they drop the mandates and I bet most of the players said forget it, they’re not going to take it. But if he had 3 shots, and a cardiac arrest one year later, we’re in deep trouble. We’re in deep, deep trouble because these cardiac arrests are going to come in on almost a daily basis, … you don’t know who’s going to be the next person—recently a Detroit Lion, around 25 years old, cardiac arrest.

48:50 I just got notified last night that one of my colleagues … went down with cardiac arrest.

50:00 Peter is explaining how people who took 2 shots and stopped taking them are susceptible to getting COVID and when they do that re-exposure to the spike protein triggers pulmonary embolisms.

Steve is crapping his pants and I don’t blame him. Steve, EDTA detoxes the graphene oxides. Chlorine dioxide corrects the polarity on red blood cells that causes them to clump together and strengthens their charge.

I would suggest that everyone reduce your 5G exposure. Connect your laptop’s internet with an ethernet cord and turn off the wifi. Graphene oxides plus 5G is very toxic! Keep your phone 5ft away while you’re at home. Turn off the wifi and data when you aren’t using it. That’s my two cents worth.

Remember when Steve showed us a sample of his ‘clumping’ red blood cells? Do you realize that at the time the lab sample was being analyzed, if the facility had their 5G wifi’s on and it was nearby, or a lab technician was on the cell phone using bluetooth while examining his blood, that the non-ionizing radiation could have clumped the red blood cells on the slide? This has been demonstrated by Spanish Researchers with vaccine tainted blood. They put a drop of a vaccine vial onto a sample of pure blood, and the red blood cells looked normal, round with good spacing. Then they set their cell phone next to the microscope and called it. They video’d this and you could see the red blood cells clumping in realtime. They ended the call, and the cells returned to normal.

51:21. Steve said — There is more to the Project Veritas video than they have shown.

Are they saving it for nuremberg prosecutions?

52:40. Pfizer should be investigated for conspiracy to wage a biological attack on humanity.

Don’t forget the DOD has a declared interest in the U.S. 2017 patent for the Wuhan hu1 spike protein, used in the jabs. It’s listed in the Comirnaty FDA license application.

Don’t forget DARPA who is part of this. And who is controlling those at our DOD and DARPA? Bill Gates? What billionaires are pulling the strings silently in the background? Jamie Dimon of Chase bank? He’s funded the graphene/transhuman technologies. Blackrock, with their shadowy top share holders like the Bush family? Rosthschilds? Rockefellers? Who is quietly driving all of this? A lot of money is driving this.

1:06 Amyloid means rubbery. I’m still waiting for a side by side elemental analysis of amyloid clots taken from an unvaccinated brain, which is where they are traditionally found and Richard Herschman’s sample.

Ryan Cole can do this, he has the Herschman samples. If not, he can send a sample from unvaccinated brain amyloid samples to Mike Adams for the elemental analysis.

I think it’s very important that we rule out the magnetic metals including graphene oxides hypothesis causing these ‘never before seen clots’(Richard Herschman.). And I am sure Steve can make this analysis happen by picking up the phone and calling Ryan Cole.

Am I the only one who wants to know the truth behind these massive clots with no biological life consistent with blood? Are amyloid clots made from the same elements in the same quantities?

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Damar is dead

Search quarry found his name in 2 death databases

Pennsylvania Western District Court - Pittsburgh Database


Data Source: Pennsylvania Death Records Database

It list some of his relatives as

Indea Hamlin

Mario Hamlin

Nina Hayes


It is easy to verify for yourself,

Go to search quarry.

Do it soon because the powered thst be will block his name, the way they blocked tiffany Dover

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