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SCOTUS is ultimate impartial trier of fact, and govt. will have to appeal (not Steve) if govt. loses, and it will as safety of all air traffic is in the balance. Icing on the cake is personal liability for criminal acts in deprivation of civil rights CLEARLY affects public safety, giving scotus good just cause to uphold doctrine of personal criminal liability where fraud may or has resulted in death and injury. landmark case if handled properly and with a bit of luck.

* * * *

It appears management of FDA and CDC are acting in concert to breach your civil rights of free speech, right to be heard, right to voice grievances, and other breaches, none of which are in the public interest or for the public good. Where a conspiracy exists with acts against one's civil rights amounting to two or more overt acts within a ten year period, the level of insult rises above civil infraction to violation of one's civil rights at a criminal level. Here are a few links.

The selection of counsel is key to prevailing and that cuts available , competent, committed lawyers down to a handful across the entire nation.

Here are a few links for reference for such interview of counsel. In addition, it is not the "department" or federal agency or affiliate (as in CDC) that would be listed as criminal defendants, but rather the person or persons with authority under color of law who gave the Order to block you at "server level", and including and not limited to those who have the skill sets to carry out the order, ergo manipulated the computer code to selectively block you, and, the architect / systems engineer, system wide programmer, who designed the code such that any U.S. citizen could be blocked for any reason, unlawful or not, resulting in an intentg to facilitate violation of civil rights should the perceived need arise. I see of list of defendants at least three and probable one or two times that number for each criminal complaint filed against FDA and as against CDC. IF properly structured, since such violation clearly results in condoning, enabling, facilitating unhealthy pilots of commercial airlines to put hudreds of people at risk Per Flight, these agencies are creating unsafe and very unfriendly skies.

Here are some links to start confo with attorney "candidates":

42 U.S. Code § 1985 - Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/42/1985

42 U.S. Code § 1983 - Civil action for deprivation of rights


U.S. Dept of Justice: Deprivation of rights under color of law


Judicial Council of California. Civil Jury Instructions. CACI No. 3000. Violation of Federal Civil Rights - In General - Essential Factual Elements (42 U.S.C. § 1983)

https://www.justia.com/trials-litigation/docs/caci/3000/3000/ and


And here is where it gets INTERESTING:

Note how it gets less complicated under Title 18 241, 242 (and less expensiv as well)...

no need for a "back stop". burden of grand jury and prosecution falls on the People, not on Steve.

18 U.S. Code § 241 - Conspiracy against rights


18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law


Because the safety of hudreds of thousands of U.S. air travelers is at stake every day of the year (24/7), if a CRIMINAL complaint is filed AGAINST NAMED INDIVIDUALS, the case is removed from civil court to Criminal Grand Jury to secretly vote for or against your criminal report:

IF you move the issue into a question of Crime against the peoples safe travel on the highway of life, instead of limiting relief to Civil Remedy just for you, then you have a much better chance of getting to SCOTUS than if you pursue Civil Litigation, and,

That strategic move delivers far reaching avenues for discovery when Human Lives, men women children, are at stake, ergo, this is not only about your civil rights - the issues raised far exceed your personal civil rights of speech and redress - they (the issues) go the heart of life liberty and safety of the entire air traffic regulation and control system.

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Eric Fing-Ding lists his top covid update accounts here;


Several are criminally negligent (such as Walensky).

Now that Scott Adams is admitting he was wrong, and the Rasmussen poll shows 25% of Dems thinks someone they know died of vax injury, it's only a matter of time before their wall crumbles. But they have the military behind them; that's the problem.

and they keep adding more:


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Bourla and his fiend in crime Frank D'Amelio are two people I want to see hang from a rope.... and ALL revenues from Pfizer and Moderna should be confiscated, the executives jailed for life while the decision makers need to face the death penalty.

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Steve, did the Nazi leaders in Germany DEBATE? Your posts may be useful for

soliciting funds but what has "stirring the pot" of confronting BIG PHARMA,

THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, AND THE MSM with facts really accomplish in STOPPING

this Pharmaceutical GENOCIDE? While you are on this merry-go-round of contention

all the population may now be exposed to spike proteins and other nasties from the

jabbed victims. It seems that NOW this is where our attention SHOULD be. WE CAN

NATURALLY SURVIVE AND WARN OTHERS. I post publicly and freely on MeWe.


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“They” whoever they are know they are committing murder. There will be no interest to debate the science till “they” are at the defendant’s table at Nuremberg.

The problem we have is why and who? Is it the money, is it genocide, depopulation or just pure evil?Who has that much power to affect every government in the world?

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Here is one of our champions, a member of the European Parliament, a former judge, a non-affiliated activist for rule of law and truth gladiator against corruption, Hon. Mislav Kolakusic MEP.

(transcribed text of his speech posted on twitter with url-link posted below)

"This week, a meeting of the so-called World Economic Forum, the world's most dangerous association, is being held in Davos, Switzerland.

The association consists of corporations, billionaires, lobbyists and politcians elected with their money, and its founder is the notorious Klaus Schwab.

There is no greater danger to the rule of law, democracy and the free market than this sect, whose private financial interests are ahead of the interests of humanity. It is the largest networked organization of the world's conspirators, creating all the agendas we have witnessed in recent decades: wars, pandemics and policies of so-called green transitions, which result in the impoverishment and suffering of billions of people around the world as opposed to their enormous enrichment.

Malicious ideas are created there, which are later worked out in detail by the media and politicians they own. This group itself states that the globalized world is best governed by self-elected multinational corporations, governments and civil society organizations.

The idea is: We chose ourselves, We do not participate in democratic elections, but we rule. Should anything be added to that?

The World Economic Forum is by definition the largest creator of corruption in the world, a place where thousands of billions of euros meet those who wield political power in countries all over Europe and the world.

Every year, dozens of heads of state attend Davos to receive orders there that many must carry out in the coming period, which they are happy to do because they know that without this sect their political career would not even exist."


definition of notorious: adjective. "famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed."

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I just made this same type of comment about censorship&Covid and these goons trying to make it a hate crime to talk about it. I wondered how it would be when a million or so angry citizens storm and overrun them, ... Silently !! And when they are cornered, quaking with fear, knowing the end comes soon, asks a question, ..... And the masses answer that question with a resounding "NO, ... We CAN'T Talk About This !!

I look at this debate issue in sort of the same way. I doubt it will happen, until they are on the gallows quaking with fear, knowing the end comes very soon, ...... And then Steve's Answer should be "NO, We CAN'T Debate This Now !!" lmao

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They don't need to have debates anymore. Politicians don't answer questions, unelected wonks hide in the shadows. On a risk/reward balance it is less risky to say nothing because we don't elect any of them any more. Blackrock does.

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How could anything be more important than speaking to the American people about what is going on with these vaccines? He's too busy...

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They can put up anybody as their champion but it's meaningless. There are millions of people maybe even a billion that will never take a covid shot- even if it ends their career. There is a hill to die on.

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Steve, I read your posts regularly. I admire your tenacity. I'm a tenacious person myself so I get it. It is absolutely insane that these people do not take you up on your offer. I'm sure they just find you annoying, but we're messing with people's lives here! Keep fighting the fight. Things are going to break this year, I just feel it. You're going to be instrumental in getting truth to the masses. Thank you. You are very much appreciated.

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Steve, I hope you see this. I cannot financially support all those I love including you. However, my disabled daughter and I personally experienced SEVERE abuse from ; El Camino hospital ( remember the video of the gay female Dr who was physically and verbally abusing a male African American patient and his father while he was in the ER for severe Pain in around 2016-19) She was just ONE dr who severely abused us. Also we were severely abused by Stanford in patient and Good Samaritan. I am willing to speak to you about this but only on the phone. Im too traumatized to write about it in detail. Ive got tons of records. Most in hard copy. Email me at hs4265@protonmail.com and Ill give you my #. <3

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Don't shoot the messenger RNA!

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I have a bet with a friend (bluepilled) that politicians and bureaucrats will go to jail in future Nuremburg trials. He bet against that ever happening. If that happens, it will be the biggest crime of all!

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Steve Kirsch, are you privately messaging people on here? Just checking. I don’t trust anyone anymore. 🙈

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