My favorite articles. If you are new to my substack, there are over 700 articles here. These are the most important articles to read.

We could end the debate on COVID vaccine safety instantly. All we need is the death-vax record data. But today, that data is being concealed by the…
Now that Twitter restored my account, I was able to dig up the original Twitter DM that started me off on my new career as a professional truthteller. I…
How are we supposed to resolve our differences if every vaccine advocate in the world refuses to have a civil discussion about it?
Help stop misinformation. To date, nobody has found any factual errors in the Turtles or Fauci books. So I'm going to increase the reward to make it…
All these unexplained heart attacks in vaccinated people since 2021? Odds are that the vaccines played a significant role in the death.
Conclusion: "The Ontario data show that vaccination currently makes little difference in terms of hospitalization and death rates for those below age…
I finally got a response to my question to ACIP Chair Grace Lee about whether she wants to see the COVID vaccine safety data from Israel. She called the…
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