Who wants to be a millionaire?

Some people have questioned me about my million dollar offers. Yes, they are TOTALLY serious. There are no tricks. The only trick is I only bet on things where I know I can't lose the offer.

I’ve been reading a number of comments from people who think that my million dollar offers aren’t serious.

The people who doubt me are all people who don’t know me very well.

There is no evidence of anyone who has ever attempted to negotiate a definitive agreement on any of my offers. The furthest it ever got is one time someone had their attorney contact my attorney and then when we called back, they hung up on us. Clearly, they were hoping to expose me and quickly learned I don’t bluff.

Here is a list of my million dollar offers. They are all done to expose corruption or to show people that nobody can dispute our calculations, even with a very large incentive.

Open million dollar offers

I will bet anyone $1M that the CDC lying to everyone about number of deaths
If you think the CDC is telling the truth, this is an easy way to double your money for a few hours of effort.

$1M research grant if you think Mathew Crawford made a math error that would change the result
I’m offering a $1M research grant to the first researcher to publish a paper that disproves Mathew Crawford’s analysis of the death data that shows that the vaccines have killed over 150,000 people in the US.

$5M bet with Gavin Newsom for a blank piece of paper
See the article. If he takes the bet, I’ll happily write a term sheet. Who would turn down $5M for a blank piece of paper? If he was vaccine injured, he’d turn it down. If he wasn’t, it’s a free $5M he can keep or donate to his favorite charity. He can argue he doesn’t need it, but how about charities? When was the last time you saw Gavin give $5M to charity? The point is that even if he’s uber rich, he’d still take the offer in a heartbeat if he had nothing to hide. The fact he’s not accepting my offer shows most (but not all) people that he’s a hypocrite by forcing people to take a vaccine he knows can damage people for the rest of their lives.

Expired million dollar offers

FDA/CDC committee debate (expired November 19, 2021)
I offered any voting member $1M to debate our team. You got the money just for showing up to be questioned. No debate here to win. Just show up at the debate table for 5 hours. Up to 5 people could show up so worst case each person walks away with at least $200K for 5 hours of work. Who would turn that down? Turns out everyone did after I sent to their emails. Which proves to me one thing: they don’t like answering questions at all.