Looking for a doctor who treats patients based on the scientific evidence rather than on medical consensus?

December 2022

I wrote about this on Aug 13, 2022, but it was buried in a longer post. This dedicated post will make it easier to find. It can be found also in my…

October 2022

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A 52-slide deck presented at the FLCCC conference in Florida on Oct 15, 2022 summarizing some of the most important statistics for the vaccines on…

September 2022

Are all spreaders of misinformation. Here is my final word on this topic.
A short collection of key pieces of evidence showing the COVID vaccines are not "safe and effective." Not even close. They are the most deadly vaccines…

July 2022

If I ask you to contact me, have a media request, etc.
Here is a list of the open $1M bets and the proposed term sheet for initial negotiation. You can accept any for as little as $200K. Or you can invest in…

June 2022

I'm double vaxxed. It didn't help of course. I finally got COVID for the first time. Here's how I'm treating it.
Since LinkedIn has banned me for life and removed all my biographic data, here's my bio. I'll update with more details as time permits.

May 2022

I'm using Riverside.fm to provide a more interactive user experience. You can now join my interview studio audience where you can chat with me, and…
A partial list of articles in the peer-reviewed literature documenting adverse reactions after the vaccine. There are over 1,250 articles now.